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An Evolving Playbook: The Xs and Os of Returning to an Office Environment

Month seven of full-time remote work does not look or feel like month two. Our Game Plan is a firm promise that this time has an end date and that Infotech has no intention of transitioning to a permanent fully-remote workforce.

Amber McClave

Learning to Share is Hard: Breaking Down Organizational Silos

How do we use our extensive experience in the transportation industry to help organizations break down silos? Infotech’s Jim Ferguson weighs in.

Jim Ferguson

A Year of Building Bridges

Our rebranding goal was to build a brand that better reflected who we are, what we do, and where we’re going. We pulled from our history, interviews with employees, and our strategic vision to unite Infotech under one banner: Bridging innovation & integrity.

Nate Binder

Going Remote: The Challenges and Rewards We’ve Seen During a Nationwide Shift

On the Operations team, we plan for things like hurricanes and for malware attacks and for future leadership. We did not plan for a pandemic.

Amber McClave

BIM for Infrastructure: Looking in the Right (but Unexpected) Places

A deeper dive into BIM for infrastructure with e-Construction expert Ron Gant.

Ron Gant

Partnerships with Purpose: Let’s Revive Our Community

We believe in treating people right and helping those whose industries have been affected by the coronavirus.

Darcy Herlihy

Building Information Modeling for Infrastructure: Just What Is It?

There have been tens of thousands of blogs over the years about Building Information Modeling (BIM). So, what can we offer different than anyone else? I’m glad you asked.

Ron Gant

How to Get Started with Remote Bidding

Based on discussions with our users, we have developed a list of resources to help agencies get started with remote bidding and facilitate remote bid openings.

Nate Binder

What Hiring Looks Like During a Pandemic

In the most typical of circumstances, interviewing for and starting a new job can be a stressful and overwhelming experience - so what's it like in the midst of an outbreak?

Nate Binder

It’s All Love Here: Infotech Devs Build Local Support Site “GNV Loves Local”

GNV Loves Local is a website built by two Infotech employees, Andy Martin and Kyle Redon, to give Gainesville small businesses a home for all their new service options.

Darcy Herlihy

Bid Express Turns 20: A History

Though we’ve improved and evolved Bid Express over the past two decades, the core notion of online bidding is the same as it was when we introduced it to the highway construction community 20 years ago.

Nate Binder
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