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Infotech’s Owner-Centric Approach to Construction Software Solutions

What does it mean to be owner-centric? That’s a question we often have to answer to new employees, whether they’re in sales or software development.

Ward Zerbe

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Field Notes

The rapid adoption of photo-inspection technology on construction job sites is destined to have a tremendous impact on the way project reporting and inspection is accomplished.

Ron Perkins

[Case Study] The City of Grand Rapids Goes Paperless with e-Bidding

Paper bidding often led to late submissions, time-intensive bid processing, and wasted plan packets for the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan. How did they tackle these challenges? By ditching paper altogether.

Nate Binder

5 Key Insights from Let’s Be Civil, Episode I: Infrastructure Bill Impacts

What will $550 billion in federal funding mean for the heavy civil construction industry? New reporting requirements, staffing needs, and technology expectations could mark a tectonic shift for the heavy civil infrastructure industry when the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passes.

Nate Binder

Meeting Demand for Digital Project Delivery through Strategic Partnerships

Accurate and standardized data collection is the building block to the construction technologies that will soon become the centerpiece of projects large and small.

Ron Perkins

Top 5 Takeaways from our Infrastructure Bill (IIJA) Panel Discussion

On August 24, Infotech was joined by representatives from Trimble and Esri to discuss the major impacts of incoming federal funding. Here are the biggest takeaways from that discussion.

Nate Binder

A Strong Culture to Lead the Way

Infotech is the #21 Florida Trend Best Place to Work for the second year running. Come work with us and find out why.

Darcy Herlihy

[Case Study] MSA Sets the Stage for Digital Growth with Appia®

With more clients seeking sophisticated digital deliverables, MSA made finding a way to capture data digitally a top priority. A need for more consistent reporting and to eliminate redundant tasks also factored into the search for a solution.

Nate Binder

The Innovation Slam: Thinking Inside Zoom and Outside the Box

Recently, Infotech tried something new for the hundredth time in the last year. We hosted an afternoon of brainstorming. On the clock. For fun.

Darcy Herlihy

Statewide e-Bidding Laws Set New Trend for Heavy Civil Construction & Procurement

By legislating electronic bidding from the top down, states can generate buy-in amongst contractors and bidding communities.

Nate Binder

Employee Spotlight: Dr. Tom Rothrock - Celebrating 40 Years with Infotech

It was a humid, rainy night when Dr. Tom Rothrock, a young professor from Wisconsin, stepped out of a plane onto the tarmac at the Gainesville airport. The year is 1978, and he’s about to meet someone who will change the course of his life.

Darcy Herlihy
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