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Three Areas to Consider When Evaluating an Advanced Digital Construction Management System

Today's construction industry is in an interesting time with a landscape that seems hardly untouched by tech in any area, unlike never before. So, with so much technology out there, how do you know what to choose?

Adam F. Dawidowicz, CCM

Taking Steps Toward Model as the Legal Document (MALD) Through Data Standards

Many states are already moving to approve models as the official engineering document of record. What is the impact on bidding, construction, and inspection?

Andrew Martin

The Foundational Aspects of Organizational Data Management

As transportation agencies pursue digital delivery as part of their core business, having good data management practices is becoming increasingly essential.

Mike Bousliman

Collaboration and Standardization Support Successful BIM for Infrastructure Adoption

Examining the ways collaboration is essential to widespread BIM adoption - from competitors working as collaborators to the embrace of new data standards.

Nate Binder

Why Is GIS Such an Important Part of the Asset Lifecycle?

Integrating spatial data into asset management systems helps organizations to gain better insights into the geographic context of their assets.

Ron Perkins

CTL Engineering Delivers Transparency and Efficiency with e-Construction Solutions

By using Bid Express and Appia to bid and manage local-let projects, the team at CTL Engineering has been able to expedite project set-up, eliminate unnecessary travel and data entry.

Nate Binder

The Role of GIS in Infrastructure Asset Maintenance

GIS data capture needs to start during the construction and inspection phases to be truly effective during the infrastructure asset maintenance stage of a project.

Nate Binder

Embracing the Construction Cloud and Streamlining Compliance

In our panel discussion, we covered issues with offline systems, efficiencies gained by embracing the cloud, how to enhance transparency for project stakeholders, and methods for integrating digital systems with traditional survey tools.

Nate Binder

Four Ways Starting Small Can Help with Change Management in the Field

By shifting how you approach field staff change management, you may find it easier to overcome dissenting voices and bring excited team members on board. In our advice to managers, we suggest thinking small.

Nate Binder

The Role of Change Management in Effective Digital Project Delivery

With both federal funding and construction technology increasing in availability and accessibility, transportation agencies have placed a strong emphasis on change management.

Nate Binder

How Construction Inspection & Bidding Software Enhance Safety & Compliance

If you've ever seen one of those movie-sized OSHA posters, you know the dizzying amount of rules and regulations that construction sites must adhere to in order to be safe. It makes sense, as construction sites continue to rank among the most hazardous working environments.

Nate Binder

Post-2020 Tech Trends: Is the Construction Industry Prepared for Another Pandemic?

“Oh God, I don’t even want to think about that,” said Kristina Rhine, Director of Purchasing at Bowling Green State University, when I asked her the question in this article’s title. I explain that this is more about reflection than prediction, a way to look back at all the technology adoption trends driven in part due to the pandemic. After a second to think, she responds in the affirmative.

Nate Binder