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Statewide e-Bidding Laws Set New Trend for Heavy Civil Construction & Procurement

By legislating electronic bidding from the top down, states can generate buy-in amongst contractors and bidding communities.

Nate Binder

The Innovation Slam: Thinking Inside Zoom and Outside the Box

Recently, Infotech tried something new for the hundredth time in the last year. We hosted an afternoon of brainstorming. On the clock. For fun.

Darcy Herlihy

Employee Spotlight: Dr. Tom Rothrock - Celebrating 40 Years with Infotech

It was a humid, rainy night when Dr. Tom Rothrock, a young professor from Wisconsin, stepped out of a plane onto the tarmac at the Gainesville airport. The year is 1978, and he’s about to meet someone who will change the course of his life.

Darcy Herlihy

With Read-Only Access, the City of Terre Haute Keeps Information Flowing Freely

As the Construction Manager for the City of Terre Haute, Bradley Utz often has to answer questions from project stakeholders, to ranging from project contractors all the way up to the Mayor.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] The City of Maryland Heights Finds the Perfect Fit with Appia®

Cliff Baber and the team at Maryland Heights were looking for a solution that was easy-to-use and would simplify compliance requirements with the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] The City of Milwaukee Embraces e-Bidding for Better Quality Bids

With the vast majority of Milwaukee’s Public Works bidding community using Bid Express, issues with non-compliant and non-responsive bids have been eliminated, while the city also gets a clearer picture of their bidding community.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] Powering Projects Forward with Daily Reporting Tools and Real-Time Data

As the County Engineer in Hancock County, Ohio, Douglas Cade and his team of inspectors are responsible for county roads, bridges, drainage and daily inspections of new subdivision developments.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] Keeping Prime A/E Group, Inc. Ahead of Schedule

Prime A/E Group, Inc. used Appia to meet the infrastructure construction needs of a Facebook Data Center running on 100% renewable energy.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] To Escape Paper, FHU Heads to the Cloud

Tom Nead, the Regional Manager for FHU's Mountain West region, had a mountain of his own to cross. Namely, the mountain of paperwork generated by an outdated paper-based process.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] For the City of Meriden, Transportation Innovation is a Top Priority

To streamline paper processes, Director of Public Works Howard Weissberg, P.E., and his team vetted a number of software solutions and landed on Appia® for construction administration and inspection.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] Clinton County Embraces e-Construction for Bidding and Construction Activities

In Clinton County, Ohio, Adam Fricke, Deputy Engineer, was on the hunt for software to streamline and improve a variety of processes ranging from bidding to construction project management.

Nate Binder
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