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Efficient and Intuitive e-Bidding with The University of Alaska Anchorage

See how the University of Alaska Anchorage uses an e-bidding solution to increase vendor reach and save on subscription costs.

Nate Binder

A Comprehensive Construction Inspection Software Features Checklist

Engineering firms and agencies have a lot more choices when vetting different software options. And with many choices comes the possibility of making the wrong choice.

Nate Binder

7 Critical & Emerging Technologies Relevant to Construction & Infrastructure

In February 2024, the White House updated its list of Critical and Emerging Technologies, a regular report that comes via the National Science and Technology Council. While the list is often focused on increasing national security, the committee also prioritizes technology that expands economic prosperity and defends the American way of life.

Nate Binder

Infrastructure Inflation Impacts and How Cost Planning Can Help

Did you know we've been through 11 straight quarters of highway construction cost increases? With inflation on the rise, all the additional buying power granted by IIJA is taking a hit. Data management, analysis, and process standardization may be the solution.

Jim Ferguson

Artificial Intelligence Impacts and the Importance of Advanced Digital Construction Management Systems

Many organizations continue to work toward data driven decision-making and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) - but the first step is data governance and quality control via digital construction management systems.

Jim Ferguson

Stewarding Taxpayer Dollars: Are You Doing Best You Can?

At the end of the day, whether you are a business out to make a profit, or an agency managing tax dollar-fueled budgets, the end game is still the same; just how much bang are you getting for your buck?

Adam F. Dawidowicz, CCM

The Evolution of Civil Technologies: A Journey from Drafting to Digital Twins

Each advancement in the progression of design and construction technologies has pushed the other forward, creating a dynamic interplay that has significantly shaped the industry.

Ron Gant

AI & ADCMS: Clarifying Compensable Delays

When you add the emerging capabilities of AI and the ability of AI tools to quickly process vast sums of information, the ability to leverage good documentation into a more effective project management process increases tenfold.

Adam F. Dawidowicz, CCM

The Top Four Benefits of Visualizing Construction Data

If your project manager only needs to see data on map once, the impact of efficiency is straightforward. But there are many other benefits to visualizing construction data, including collaboration, transparency, responsiveness, and a deeper level of insight.

Nate Binder

The Time-Saving, Stress-Defeating Benefits of Digital Inspection Workflows

Early in the 15th century, a man named Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and revolutionized the way information was spread. But 600 years later, we’re still dealing with the same challenges regarding how information flows from point A to point B.

Nate Binder

Leveraging e-Bidding Software for Design-Build Contracts

e-Bidding platforms like have begun to incorporate scoring and evaluation features to make them flexible enough to use for both design-build and unit price contracts.

Nate Binder

Three Areas to Consider When Evaluating an Advanced Digital Construction Management System

Today's construction industry is in an interesting time with a landscape that seems hardly untouched by tech in any area, unlike never before. So, with so much technology out there, how do you know what to choose?

Adam F. Dawidowicz, CCM