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[Case Study] Keeping Prime A/E Group, Inc. Ahead of Schedule

Prime A/E Group, Inc. used Appia to meet the infrastructure construction needs of a Facebook Data Center running on 100% renewable energy.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] To Escape Paper, FHU Heads to the Cloud

Tom Nead, the Regional Manager for FHU's Mountain West region, had a mountain of his own to cross. Namely, the mountain of paperwork generated by an outdated paper-based process.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] For the City of Meriden, Transportation Innovation is a Top Priority

To streamline paper processes, Director of Public Works Howard Weissberg, P.E., and his team vetted a number of software solutions and landed on Appia® for construction administration and inspection.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] Clinton County Embraces e-Construction for Bidding and Construction Activities

In Clinton County, Ohio, Adam Fricke, Deputy Engineer, was on the hunt for software to streamline and improve a variety of processes ranging from bidding to construction project management.

Nate Binder

[Case Study] RS&H Dissolves Disputes with Appia’s Audit Trail

By storing daily reports and other project data in Appia’s easily accessible and searchable cloud database, the RS&H team is more productive in the field and back at the office.

Nate Binder

When You Assume: Reflecting on a Conversation with Infotech’s Leaders

Being heard, truly heard, builds incredible trust and empowers us all to contribute, to bring value, to succeed.

Terri Helus

How Intentional Communication Helped Us Persevere in 2020

Perseverance is in our DNA. We didn’t choose an easy route (was there even an easy route to 2020?!), we chose the route that prioritized people.

Lacey Jones

Hackathon 2020: Reflection from a 35-Year Infotecher

In March of this year, when Infotech shifted to remote work due to the pandemic, we realized this year’s Hackathon would have to be very different - our Hackathon would have to be 100% virtual.

Bob DeHoff

An Evolving Playbook: The Xs and Os of Returning to an Office Environment

Month seven of full-time remote work does not look or feel like month two. Our Game Plan is a firm promise that this time has an end date and that Infotech has no intention of transitioning to a permanent fully-remote workforce.

Amber McClave

Learning to Share is Hard: Breaking Down Organizational Silos

How do we use our extensive experience in the transportation industry to help organizations break down silos? Infotech’s Jim Ferguson weighs in.

Jim Ferguson

A Year of Building Bridges

Our rebranding goal was to build a brand that better reflected who we are, what we do, and where we’re going. We pulled from our history, interviews with employees, and our strategic vision to unite Infotech under one banner: Bridging innovation & integrity.

Nate Binder
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