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IFC, Open Data, and buildingSMART: What’s the Big Deal?

IFC, short for the industry foundation classes, have been a recent buzz word thrown around with building information modeling (BIM). Before we can understand the hype about IFC and why it’s important, we must first understand the context of digital information exchange within the built environment.

Aaron Costin, Ph.D.

The New Standard: Efficient e-Construction Implementation with Jefferson County

While evolving the construction administration and inspection process away from field books and spreadsheets and into a digital environment is always, always beneficial, implementing new software takes time, effort, and investment from all stakeholders.

Nate Binder

The Impact of Organizational Silos on Asset Lifecycle Management

The growing demand for digital content to be created and incorporated across all phases of a project is a large undertaking - one that result in technical, organizational, and human challenges.

Ron Perkins

Increasing Project Transparency through GIS Data Visualization

To manage projects and keep stakeholders informed, the team at the City of Muscatine leveraged a mix of SaaS construction administration and data visualization tools

Nate Binder

The Structure of BIM: Understanding the Importance of IFC Standards

What exactly are Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), why do they matter, and what do they mean for Infotech? Let’s dig in.

Andrew Martin

Examining Pre-Award Analysis: To Award or Not To Award?

Agencies then have to determine to award or not award contract bids. In many cases, the agency only evaluates the bids based on low bid price. Ideally, the agency should evaluate other factors as this document describes.

Jeff Derrer

The Evolution of Electronic Bidding in New Jersey

When state agencies make the transition from paper bidding to electronic, it can feel like a switch is getting flipped. Everything from filing cabinets to postage stamps instantly feel like an artifact of the past.

Ward Zerbe

West Virginia Asphalt Paving Market Analysis and Case Study

Several years ago, Infotech participated in a high-level market analysis for the state of West Virginia. The initial findings from that analysis launched an investigation that led to a $101.35 million settlement for the state.

Jeff Derrer

Data Work Makes Data Work: Laying the Foundation for Analysis

Learn how your agency can tackle data analysis with the right partner and mindset.

Jeff Derrer

[Case Study] Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors, Inc. Brings e-Construction Innovation to Michigan Municipalities

Fueled by a desire to embrace the future of digital project delivery, Wolverine sought out cloud-based solutions that would allow for visual daily reports, remote online bidding, and paperless change order management.

Nate Binder

5 Ways to Lead a Cyber-Aware Transportation Organization in 2022

Cyber threats to all transportation agencies are increasing at an exponential rate because of the reliance on new technology to support operational needs. How can your organization overcome common cybersecurity challenges?

Doug Couto

Understanding GIS: Location, Location, Location

A Geographic Information System is a database of geographic data, combined with software tools for managing, analyzing, and visualizing that data.

Ron Perkins