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It’s All Love Here: Infotech Devs Build Local Support Site “GNV Loves Local”

GNV Loves Local is a website built by two Infotech employees, Andy Martin and Kyle Redon, to give Gainesville small businesses a home for all their new service options.

Darcy Herlihy

Bid Express Turns 20: A History

Though we’ve improved and evolved Bid Express over the past two decades, the core notion of online bidding is the same as it was when we introduced it to the highway construction community 20 years ago.

Nate Binder

5 Best Practices for Construction Project Bidding

Combine common-sense best practices with a robust bidding platform to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

Gavin Diaz

Workshop on Linked Building Data Attracts a Diverse, International Crowd

Recapping a successful Workshop on Linked Semantics at Infotech.

Monelle McKay

Don’t Stop Believing: The Journey of Agile Self-Improvement

There's a clear alignment between self-improvement and software development principles. While the goals and strategies differ, the core human psychology at work is nearly the same.

Jenn Edge

There are fewer women in tech today than in 1984. Let’s change that.

In looking at the statistics, many are surprised to find that it’s not just bad for women in tech - it’s getting worse.

Usha Suryadevara

6 Times Paper Let You Down

Let’s look at a lowlight reel of all the times paper betrayed efficiency and sabotaged progress.

Nate Binder

Common Construction Administration & Inspection Issues That SaaS Can Fix

The construction contract administration phase for unit price contracts is often full of inefficiencies thanks to outdated, manual processes.

Nick Gilliam

Common Sense Cybersecurity Strategies

IT teams tend to hone in on the technology aspect of security and neglect two equally important aspects of the cybersecurity package: people and process.

Marty Provost

3 Reasons Cloud Hosted Systems are More Secure Than You Think

A common misconception in the IT industry is that traditional on-premise systems are inherently more secure than those hosted in the cloud.

Marty Provost

Let’s face it, inspecting construction and managing these projects is hard work and requires multiple levels of coordination

To streamline the management of all projects and maximize efficiencies, the goal was to have one system for all work.

Chad Schafer
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