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[Case Study] Clinton County Embraces e-Construction for Bidding and Construction Activities

February 28, 2020

Background: In Clinton County, Ohio, Adam Fricke, Deputy Engineer, was on the hunt for software to streamline and improve a variety of processes ranging from bidding to construction project management.

Solution: Fricke and his team landed on two software solutions developed by Infotech: Appia® for construction administration and inspection and Bid Express® for secure online bidding.

Results: Using Appia and Bid Express, the Clinton County team can better manage projects, host entirely remote bid openings, and experience a 40-70% increase in bidders per project.

What led Clinton County to start using Appia?

We sat down with Adam Fricke, the Deputy Engineer in Clinton County, Ohio, to learn more about their experience with our software. Fricke was on the hunt for something that would take their construction administration and inspection process online - and Appia fit the bill.

“I had been looking for software to do my construction management for several years, and there were a couple of others that got my interest, but the price tag was unreasonable. Appia was the first one I found that just did what I wanted it to do. I’m able to get snapshots of how much work has been done, when the work was done, and keep track of where the money is - how much do I owe any given date, how much I have paid, that sort of thing. I’ve used it on probably a dozen projects over the course of 3-4 years, and I’m really happy with it.”

How does Clinton County use Appia?

Fricke and his team use Appia for daily reporting, pay item management, change order management, and material tracking.

“[Inspectors] will create a daily report every day the project is ongoing. I do the pay items and materials tracking. I can set Appia up to not let me pay for materials I haven’t received the proper certifications on yet. We use that daily to make sure we get all the material slips that we need.”

Read the full case study here.


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