Bridging innovation and integrity for over 40 years

We’ve built an enduring reputation for using technology and data to bring transparency, integrity and efficiency to everyone we serve.

People over profit

As a homegrown company, we value people first. Our mission is to set the standard for how a company should treat people - including employees - and then continue to raise the bar. We believe in investing in people and pride ourselves on building long-lasting, authentic relationships and treating people right.

Every day our people help us bridge innovation and integrity by developing cutting-edge digital solutions for the infrastructure construction industry and providing expert statistical and econometric consulting services across multiple industries.

Two university professors founded this company while working out of a garage to build something innovative and inclusive. Four decades later, we’re still working hard to grow in a way that keeps people and relationships at the forefront of progress - we just have nicer offices.
As our founders often say - treat people right, the rest will follow
We’ve led two industries for over 40 years because of visionaries who continue to unlock the potential of data and connection.
Breaking our own settlement records since our first $30 million case in 1981.
Family-owned and run since 1977, we understand the importance of supporting your family to grow alongside ours.
Using statistical analysis in the pursuit of justice was the first in a long line of our trailblazing endeavors.
We are committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work.
We’re still driven by the same spirit that led our founders to leave stable jobs behind for a chance to create something of their own. Our past, present, and future are tied to one goal - to keep building this road together.

Our history

There are endless milestones that define who Infotech is today. And that’s not even the best part. Because this timeline isn’t just meant to show our history - it’s meant to show opportunity.


Before It All Began


Dr. Jim McClave works out of his garage as a legal consultant when he’s not teaching at the University of Florida. Meanwhile, at the University of Missouri, Dr. Tom Rothrock completes his Ph.D. thesis on the statistical analysis of sealed bid markets that would form the basis of our early techniques for detecting bid rigging.
Founded by Dr. Jim McClave and Dr. Tom Rothrock
Dr. Jim McClave
Founder, CEO, and Expert
Dr. Tom Rothrock
Founder and CEO
Led by President of Systems Will McClave and President of Consulting Dr. Jamie McClave Baldwin
Will McClave
Dr. Jamie McClave Baldwin
President and Expert
Our talented team of strategists, empathizers and innovators who lead our company divisions.
Amber McClave
VP of Operations and Chief Legal Officer
Andy Martin
VP of ITI Products
Tara Blythe
VP of Talent, Strategy & Communication
Ward Zerbe
VP of AASHTOWare Products

A state-of-the-art campus

Our LEED-Gold certified building is located in the mixed-use community of Celebration Pointe. When they’re not relaxing on our roof terrace or playing a game of ping pong, our employees can be found exploring the green spaces, shops and restaurants that line the promenade of Celebration Pointe.
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