Agencies and their consultants use Estimator to generate precise estimates with confidence. By incorporating four price derivation methods and historical bid tab data, Estimator transforms data into scientifically-sound project estimates.
Centered on streamlining estimation for road and bridge projects, Estimator is simple to use yet extremely powerful.
For Workflow
  1. Quickly derive unit prices from cost-based, bid-based, reference-based, and ad hoc sources
  2. Combine pricing methodologies to achieve greater precision
  3. Store master data in easily-accessible, cataloged files
For Finance
  1. Estimator users can access historical bid tab data
  2. Create more refined price estimates through a variety of derivation methods
For Personnel
  1. Enables transportation agencies and design consultants to work together to produce the best estimate
  2. Trusted by 25+ state transportation agencies to estimate road and bridge projects
Over 30 years ago, Infotech invented the first estimation software to use a combination of bid-based and cost-based pricing methodologies. Since its inception, these reliable core methodologies have evolved to support additional pricing methods within a modern interface.
Estimator is used daily by 25+ transportation agencies and 500+ design consultants.
Estimator interfaces with Bid Express to pull data from recently awarded projects.
The first iteration of Estimator was created in 1986 - before the modern internet.
Estimator supports XML technology to allow for easy file transfer.
Estimator can interface with AASHTOWare Project to build bid history catalogs.

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