The people behind AASHTOWare Project

For decades, we’ve been helping state DOTs automate the construction contract process from estimation to closeout. Our partnership with AASHTO helps power road and highway construction nationwide.

Trusted AASHTOWare Project™ Contractor for over 30 Years

In 1985, we sold an early version of our software to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). In the 30+ years that followed, our expert team has continued to support that software as an official contractor of AASHTOWare Project™.

DOTs come to us for help with workflow inefficiencies like department silos, multiple data entry points, and a lack of data management and reporting standards.
Infotech backs up highway construction with a team of 130+ software engineers, support specialists and industry experts.
Our priority is to work with you to help you find the best solutions to your biggest process challenges.
1500+ years of subject matter expertise advancing the infrastructure construction industry.

The Benefits of Advanced Professional Services Bundles

Purchasing an Advanced Professional Services Bundle comes with a variety of benefits to your agency:

  • Guarantee a response from Infotech to begin addressing your need within 3 days

  • Simplify procurement by only going through the procurement process once per year

  • Get more hours than you pay for through bonus hours in Tiers 2-4

  • Lock in today's price by purchasing 1, 2, or 3 year bundles

Working with Infotech

Infotech works with agencies to assist in areas like implementation, product support, training, hosting, and more. These services can be paid for through Service Units or through a direct contract with Infotech.

To meet agency needs and simplify the procurement process, we provide flexible levels of additional service through our Advanced Professional Services Bundles. Each of our four bundle tiers offers a quantity of hours that can be leveraged for a wide variety of services including technical, professional/business, training, and data analysis. Infotech will meet with agencies to define requirements and start work within three business days or less.

AASHTOWare Project Advanced Professional Services Bundles

*Unused hours cannot be rolled over at the end of an annual period. Work must be completed within the terms of the annual contract, with a 30-day grace period.

Want more information on bundles and the services they include?

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Support services

Our tactical teams are built to provide guidance and development at every level.

Expert product support
Whatever your agency needs to use AASHTOWare Project™ successfully, we’re here to provide it. Our product support team has experts with dedicated experience in each module.
Our expert team will ensure your staff is comfortable using the software to its fullest extent. Training can be on site and customized to your agency’s needs.
System implementations and integrations
Agencies implementing AASHTOWare Project™ are never left in the dark. Our team has a practiced onboarding process that involves working with your agency to understand your needs and goals for success. Flexible APIs enable us to integrate AASHTOWare Project™ into your agency’s existing system and workflow.
Customer success-oriented account management
Our account management team works with you to gain a deep understanding of your agency’s needs and goals. Acting as a trusted adviser, they provide agencies with a reliable resource to assist with everything from updates to project management.

Hosting services

AASHTOWare Project™ offers hosting services for new release evaluation, data migration, implementation, and production.

Eliminate Infrastructure Maintenance
Agencies that choose to host their enterprise system in the cloud have no need to invest in or update a physical server infrastructure, reducing or eliminating the time and cost spent on maintenance.
Maximize Limited IT Budgets
In states with limited IT budgets and staff, technical issues can cause major delays. Cloud hosting takes the burden of infrastructure maintenance off the IT staff so they can focus on other issues. Hosting services also have the option to surge during peak usage to limit potential crashes.
Benefit from Heightened Security
Hosting services are provided by Infotech in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Using a mix of VPCs, security groups and reverse proxies, hosting services ensure data is secure, encrypted and accessible.
Access Data Anytime, Anywhere
Data analysis and transfers are made easier by a secure and robust system that users can access from anywhere with internet and the proper credentials. Easy digital access can also reduce the environmental impact of agencies that typically print out information.
Reduce Exposure to Threats
Typical on-premise systems focus their security on the perimeter. Hosted systems take a holistic approach to security, where access to internal systems is highly restricted and the surface “attack” area is greatly reduced.
Stay Protected and Up-to-Date
Infotech performs regular security scans, audits and updates to ensure there are no points of vulnerability in the cloud-hosted system, which is SOC Type 2 compliant. The system also utilizes a multilayer backup strategy as an additional safety measure.