Mobile Field Tools

Accurate data is crucial to construction projects. Capture data at the source with field extensions that record daily report, estimation, and civil rights and labor information.

Mobile Inspector® for Field Data Collection

Mobile Inspector is a nimble and easy-to-use application for teams that want to maximize field productivity. Capture daily report data at the source whether you’re online or offline, then seamlessly transfer the data back to your construction management system. No training or implementation required!

Field Interviewer™ for Civil Rights and Labor Compliance

Field Interviewer simplifies compliance by enabling field personnel to capture interview data at the job site. By capturing interview data at the source whether online or offline and then seamlessly transmitting back to the AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor™ module, Field Interviewer helps ensure contract compliance.

Estimator™ for Precise Estimate Creation

Centered on streamlining estimation for road and bridge projects, Estimator is a simple to use tool for quickly deriving unit prices from a variety of estimation sources. With Estimator, transportation agencies and design consultants can work together to produce the best estimate.

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