Mobile Inspector®

Grant inspectors the flexibility they need with a mobile tool for offline field data collection. This intuitive, free web app is built to interface with popular construction management systems to streamline daily reporting.
Mobile Inspector® is a nimble and easy-to-use application designed for a tech-empowered workforce.
For Workflow
  1. Use the SYNC Service for AASHTOWare Project™ to communicate data to your preferred construction management system
  2. Work online or offline with seamless data transfer
  3. Grant inspectors flexibility in gathering daily report data
For Finance
  1. Ensures data is captured accurately at the source for audit purposes
  2. Thorough recordkeeping of contract data leads to quicker payments
For Personnel
  1. Simple to use with no install required
  2. Allows inspectors to maximize their time in the field
  3. Improves data communication between prime and sub-contractors

Mobile Inspector 2.6 is Now Live

Available online or offline, this Progressive Web Application (PWA) offers updated aesthetics and a quicker enhancement rollout process than the previous version. Download the setup guide to start using Mobile Inspector 2.6 today!

Created in 2012 to supplement field data collection for AASHTOWare Project and Appia®, Mobile Inspector® is used by transportation agencies, inspectors and consulting firms across the country.
Mobile Inspector can securely transfer data to systems like AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials or Appia.
Start using Mobile Inspector right away — no training necessary.
Automatic data transfer lets inspectors stay in the field at the job site.
For teams that prefer offline apps, Mobile Inspector is the ultimate efficiency booster for Appia.

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