Mobile Inspector® Frequently Asked Questions

Answering commonly asked questions about Mobile Inspector, our mobile application for capturing daily report information.

What is Mobile Inspector used for?

Mobile Inspector is used to capture construction inspection information in the field on a mobile device or tablet. The field data captured in Mobile Inspector can then be synced back to a construction management platform like Appia or AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials to populate daily reports.

Is Mobile Inspector an app?

Sort of - Mobile Inspector is a progressive web application, which means it can be used offline like an app but doesn’t require a download from the Apple or Android App Store. It is simply accessed via URL and can be pinned to your mobile device’s app screen.

What types of media attachments does Mobile Inspector support?

If you need to attach additional context to a daily inspection report, Mobile Inspector supports JPEG, PNG, CSV, XLS, and PDF file types. Mobile Inspector also features Photo Markup to add additional context to images.

Audio and video files are not currently supported but we are always working to enhance Mobile Inspector functionality.

Can Mobile Inspector be used offline?

Yes, Mobile Inspector can be used offline and will sync back to your preferred construction management system when an internet or data connection is available.

What Construction Management Systems does Mobile Inspector integrate with?

Mobile Inspector integrates seamlessly with Appia, Infotech’s construction administration and inspection platform, AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials, the CMS used by most state DOTs, as well as Infotech Field Manager and AASHTOWare SiteManager.

What other platforms does Mobile Inspector integrate with?

To incorporate data and inspection results from high-accuracy GNSS devices, Mobile Inspector integrates with Trimble Access, Trimble Siteworks, and Leica Captivate via the Mobile Inspector Measure Service. We are always working to add more integrations to Mobile Inspector, so let us know if there is a platform you would like to see integrated.

Is Mobile Inspector included with Appia?

Yes, if you license Appia, Mobile Inspector is included at no additional cost with your license.

How do I get started with Mobile Inspector?

If you work for an engineering firm or local public agency that is interested in Mobile Inspector, contact our sales team at to get started.

If you work for a state DOT, you can license Mobile Inspector via the AASHTOWare Project Catalog. Learn more here.