Signet empowers contractors to remain easily compliant with prompt pay laws via an intuitive verification platform. Agencies that offer Signet to their contractor community report a 40% increase in subcontractor payment compliance.

Streamline prompt payment and DBE compliance for agency-owners and contractors

Sub-payment Verification
  1. Increase efficiency with payment imports into preset and pre-populated fields

  2. Access the mobile-friendly service on the go

  3. Capture DBE type data on a payment level

Automatic Notifications
  1. Never miss a deadline with automatic reminder emails

  2. Customize email preferences on a per contract basis

  3. Access late payment monitoring emails as an agency

Compliance Reporting
  1. Provide visibility into all payment activity and downward payment monitoring

  2. Improve data hygiene for contractors and agency owners

  3. Connect securely to AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor for Conciliation and Uniform reporting

In-App Features

These features make it easier for your contractors to track, record, and verify payments.

In-App Features

These features make it easier for your contractors to track, record, and verify payments.

Search and filter by contract name and status

Export CSVs of payment information for each contract

Favorite contracts

With 800+ users, Signet has recorded and verified over 31,000 payments to date
When contractors saw the notification feature and how easy to use the Signet service is, it really helped get their buy-in to make the system a success. Entering our second construction season with this in place, we have 96% of prime contractors recording payments in the application.
Katie Laplace, Administrator, Office of Civil Rights Compliance, Ohio DOT
The Signet service eliminated a lot of clicking, scrolling and going between pages. I used to spend 4-6 hours a week; now it’s 30 minutes or less to complete the same number of entries.
Mary Blue, Contract Administrator, Kokosing Construction
Signet users report a 40% increase in subcontractor payment verification and a 70% reduction in time spent by prime contractors recording payments.

Agency Success Stories

Read about how state agencies are using Signet to vastly improve prompt payment compliance and reporting.

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