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Your data tells a powerful story - it just needs a little translation. We work with agencies to pull actionable insights out of mountains of construction project data. From cost indices to market analysis, our analysis answers essential questions that help agencies gain process efficiencies, provide value, and mitigate risk.

Why analyze your data?

As the quantity and significance of data increases, the conversation around agency data becomes increasingly important to the industry and how we iterate and improve our processes. Many agencies share the same concerns regarding data silos or lack of data analysis expertise. What questions could you answer with a deeper understanding of your data? We help organizations with queries like:

  • How can we be sure contractors are giving us the best value?

  • Are our costs reasonable compared to the industry average?

  • What are change orders telling us about our contracts?

  • How are our activities (bidding, costs, change orders, etc.) trending over time?

  • Are there any indicators of collusive activity?

  • Are we being consistent with our cost estimates?

In answering these questions, we enable agencies to take actions while also setting a baseline for improved data management, analysis, and reporting.

Our Services

What are you trying to learn about your transportation program? We have a wide range of analysis services available, or we can work with your agency to develop answers to your most pressing questions. All of our services include a presentation of final results.

Market Analysis

We conduct detailed analysis and reporting on specified contract work types (e.g., asphalt) that includes breakdowns of vendors pricing, subcontract and suppliers, identification of sources, owners and locations, and confirmation of contract locations.

Pre-Award Analysis

We analyze your bid lettings and deliver a report that includes contract summary information, comparisons of item bids within a contract and, if notable, across contracts. We’ll provide notes on bids that appear irregular, along with a summary of areas of concern.

Award vs. Actual Costs

We analyze your as-built contract data and compare it to all bids, original estimates, and awarded amounts (both quantities and costs) as we look for irregularities and trends in overruns/underruns.

Cost Index Services

We’ll produce a report that tracks annual, quarterly, and monthly cost trends on groups like Surfacing, Earthwork, Structural, etc.

Change Order Review

Conducted annually or quarterly at your discretion, this analysis breaks down change orders by change order type, contract, item, vendor, location, percent over bid cost, and more.

View a Sample Report


View a Sample Report


Our Methodology

Defining the Project

Define business segments, scope, and deliverables

Collecting + Analyzing Data

Gather and organize data, while performing comparative analysis to provide meaningful output

Delivery of Solution

Provide comprehensive deliverables with actionable insights

About Infotech: 40+ year leaders in data exploration

Since 1977, Infotech has evolved into a tech provider for the infrastructure industry, with solutions ranging from secure online bidding to paperless document routing. That said, we’ve never forgotten where our bread is buttered - data analysis.

From our first case with the Florida Attorney General, we’ve understood the vast potential of data analysis and the truths it can reveal. The way agencies handle their data sets the industry standard for transparency, fairness, and veracity.

Our goal is to help your agency set that standard through an engaging and active partnership. We work with you every step of the way, ensuring you have a primary role in guiding the direction of the project. Our team of experienced professionals will work to customize reports to meet your needs.

Meet the Team

Jeff Lee Derrer, P.E.

Mr. Derrer has more than 30 years of experience in transportation project management and engineering. He has been a Senior Consultant with Infotech since 2001, providing data analysis services to state transportation agencies. He previously worked for the North Carolina Department of Transportation as Head of the Contract Monitoring Section for more than 10 years, and for the Virginia Department of Transportation as Head of the Antitrust Section for four years. In those roles, he directed activities that analyzed contractor’s bids to ensure a competitive market place.

Jeff Hisem

Jeff’s career with the Ohio Department of Transportation focused on assuring that limited public funds were being utilized in the most efficient manner to get the greatest possible amount of highway work accomplished. He spent 36+ years leading estimators and analysts to ensure transportation dollars were being spent properly. Their responsibilities included producing benchmark project cost estimates to analyze contractors’ bids, analyzing project costs during construction, and analyzing construction markets across the state to monitor bidders and bidding activity over time. After retiring from the Dept. of Transportation, Jeff joined the Infotech team as a Senor Strategy Analyst focused on ongoing software improvements to improve the estimation process and to aid agencies in their attempt to improve the analysis capabilities of their construction cost data.

Laura Scott

Laura Scott is a Senior Business Specialist, focused on supporting agencies implementing the AASHTOWare Project software’s estimation, preconstruction, and bid and market analysis functionality. Before joining Infotech in 2019, she was the Data Systems Manager and later Chief Financial Officer for CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services, a non-profit social services agency, where she oversaw and reported on the agency’s government contracts. From 2000-2011, she worked with Meridian Behavioral Healthcare in roles such as Software Analyst and Quality Assurance Specialist, where she developed and maintained electronic medical record software, built reports, and created databases for clinical data. Ms. Scott earned her Master of Science degree in Information Science from Florida State University.

Randy Lawton

As Assistant Director for Data Science and Analytics, Randy Lawton works closely with Infotech’s data science team and AASHTOWare data analytics team to organize and explore a wide range of data, focusing on uncovering insights and tailoring results for specific business needs. Using his thirty years of experience providing data services, primarily related to highway construction, he establishes strong collaborative relationships with analysts, end-users, and engineering teams to turn data analysis into data solutions.

Ian Baldwin

As a Senior Lead, Ian Baldwin has worked exclusively with the AASHTOWare Project suite and related product services for nearly 25 years. With an engineering background and a focus on delivering solutions to meet complex business requirements in the highway construction industry, he has led technical teams to improve AASHTOWare Project and deliver value to the user community.


Organizations and Roles

What types of organizations does Infotech’s Data Services help?

  • Transportation Entity
    • State DOT

    • Public Works

What types of roles does Infotech’s Data Services help?

  • C-Suite Executives

  • Data Governance\Analytics

  • Long-range and Detail Estimators

  • Planners


How soon can we get an analysis?

  • Infotech will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.

What do we need to provide?

  • The type of data will depend on the specific data service requested. Infotech will describe upon a request for a specific data service.

During Analysis

How are we involved?

  • Working closely with Infotech to gather requirements

  • Providing data needed for the data service.

  • Answering questions Infotech may have during our analysis.

  • Part of the presentation to your organization

What are the main steps in conducting a market analysis?

  • Data Gathering

  • Data Review and Cleanup

  • Data Analysis

  • Reporting

What types of deliverables will I receive?

  • Deliverables will vary depending on the data service requested. Services like the Cost Index and Pre-Award Analysis would be provided in a Adobe Acrobat e-Book with bookmarks. A Market Analysis service would result in a presentation and a copy of the PowerPoint slide deck

  • Any other data format that fits the service

What are the best practices used in your analysis process?

  • Clarity on problem and outcomes expected

  • Gather the necessary data

  • Consolidate data into an actionable customer view

  • Present what the data is showing

  • Use the conclusions to make effective decisions.


What kind of support is provided after an analysis is complete?

  • With the data services we have provided previously, follow up support is often not needed; however, Infotech is always available to answer questions.

How often should an analysis be repeated?

  • Depends on the data service. Services like Cost Index are on-going and are normally reported quarterly. Pre-Award Analysis services are on-going and reported after each bid letting. Market Analysis should ideally be refreshed every three to five years.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Want to explore how we can work together to tackle your data analysis challenges? Let’s talk.

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