Doc Express®

Fully embrace e-Construction with a secure platform for paperless contracting, designed specifically to handle construction administration document workflows. With vital project documents stored safely in the cloud, everything from audits to certifications goes off without a hitch.
Created to work with Appia® and Bid Express®, Doc Express® has the tools agencies and contractors need to perfect a paperless document workflow.
For Workflow
  1. Sign documents and contracts quickly with verified signatures
  2. Configure your workflow to determine how documents move to varied stakeholders
  3. View document status any time with mobile accessibility
For Finance
  1. Payments move faster without the need to mail contracts
  2. A secure and robust digital filing cabinet helps protect from audits
  3. Document tracking expedites the contract finalizing process
For Personnel
  1. Read-only stakeholder access provides a window into project progress
  2. PDF Markup allows stakeholders to easily communicate contract concerns
  3. An intuitive online platform means little to no training is required

In-App Features

Simple to use and easy to implement, the Doc Express service is built for teams to thrive.

In-App Features

Simple to use and easy to implement, the Doc Express service is built for teams to thrive.

Quickly and securely sign applicable documents

Clearly indicate where signatures are necessary

Doc Express has processed over 1M construction documents.
The Doc Express service allows our construction submittal process to be transparent to all users, including the contractors and external stakeholders, making the process as efficient as possible.
Chris Williams
Regional Construction Engineer, Vermont Agency of Transportation
No VPN or FTP is required to use the web-based Doc Express service.
Doc Express is designed effectively to allow users to sort, access, and take action on the documents efficiently. It also eliminates the firewall issues associated with having external parties have access to DOT servers.
Contractor & Doc Express User


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