Doc Express® Frequently Asked Questions

Answering commonly asked questions about Doc Express, our paperless contracting platform.

What is Doc Express used for?

Doc Express is used for digital document management and contract signing on infrastructure projects. Doc Express allows teams to create document workflows that move documents to various project stakeholders for signatures and approval. These documents can also be marked up to communicate potential needs or concerns.

Revenue teams may use Doc Express for financial documents, or a project manager may share a read-only daily report with a contractor through Doc Express. It can also be used for design documents, change orders, material certifications, and more. Because Doc Express is flexible and configurable, how you use it depends on your team's needs.

What are the core functions of Doc Express?

Doc Express is composed of several core functions and features.

Contracts & Drawers: Drawers act as digital filing cabinets where electronic documents like contracts can be sent, stored, organized, and signed.

Workflows: Workflows allow teams to move documents from one relevant stakeholder to the next so you can control who sees what and when.

e-Signatures & Digital IDs: These verification tools provide a secure way to sign and approve contract documents in Doc Express.

PDF Markup: Redline documents, create shapes, and share your notes directly with your team via PDF Markup to communicate questions, concerns, or ideas.

APIs: Leverage the Doc Express API to connect to other third-party applications like document storage or sharing.

What types of organizations are using Doc Express?

Doc Express is used by engineering firms, local public agencies, and state DOTs to electronically manage documents and contracts associated with infrastructure projects.

What does Doc Express integrate with?

Doc Express integrates with Appia, Infotech’s cloud-based construction administration and inspection platform, and can receive everything from daily work reports to material certifications.

Doc Express also integrates with Bid Express, Infotech’s secure online bidding service, and can be used to share bid documents in contract drawers after an agency opens a bid.

Is Doc Express included with Appia?

Yes, if you license Appia, Doc Express is included at no additional cost with your license.

How can I get started with Doc Express?

To get started with Doc Express, contact our sales team at