Connected by Culture

At Infotech, we don't have one culture, we have many. We celebrate diversity, creativity and individuality.

Authenticity matters, and people’s differences
- experiences, thoughts, abilities, identity, perspective -
are what keep us moving forward

To change,

and a workforce that sets the standard for what a company should truly look like - a reflection of the world around us.

To belonging,

recognizing that when we ensure every voice gets heard, we learn from each other, challenge each other and grow stronger together.

To the future,

and innovation redefined through the collaboration of unique viewpoints.

“I am convinced that our 44 years of success is causally related both to our culture and to embracing diversity. Qualities like caring, smart, and skilled know no race, gender, or religion.”

Dr. Jim McClave, Co-founder

Accountability into Action

Equity is an organizational commitment, and our promise to ensure equal opportunity begins with the first step of the hiring process. Comfort and connection are an important part of loving a new job, so we ensure our interview panels are as diverse as the talent we search for, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring pronouns are clearly known, and our dress code is a philosophy, designed so that our people can wear what makes them feel confident.

We believe that work is a part of life, not its opposite, which is why we are always looking for ways to improve our culture so our people can find success here. Success looks different for each individual, and we are committed to finding the right path for everyone.

A few of our people-first initiatives are:

    Employee Assistance
    Employee Assistance Network and Work-life Program: counseling, legal aid and community resources, holistic wellness support, and gender affirmation coverage and support
    Digital accessibility, WCAG 2.1 AA compliance, (Dis)ability support, accessible and flexible work environments including gender neutral bathrooms, and targeted support for a tenured workforce
    Family Oriented
    Fertility solutions (ART, IVF, storage/retrieval and insemination), parental leave for birth and non-birth parents, family-friendly events
    Hybrid and remote work opportunities, flexible scheduling, sick leave pool, and a floating holiday to support every employee’s choice of celebrations
    Professional Development
    Inclusivity education such as allyship in action, and transgender awareness training and more

    At Infotech, difference is not just tolerated or accepted, it is welcomed and celebrated.

    We meet people where they are, whether that means opportunities for celebration of what they believe, offering support for caregivers, tuition and professional development assistance, or investing in compassionate communication. Drawing on insight from our teams and our community, we know we can always do more, because the most important step to take is the next one.


    A culture of inclusivity should allow the flexibility to work how and where you are most able. We believe in meeting the needs of our people and always finding more ways to increase accessibility so everyone can succeed.


    We’re family founded and family is one of our highest priorities. We want to make sure work is just one part of life, so we follow the words of our founder, Dr. Jim McClave: Family comes first. Always.

    Gender and Gender Diverse

    The future of the tech industry is equal. With 35.6% of the leadership team identifying as female, we aim to set the standard for an equal workforce. Our focus is on equity and inclusion in regards to reward and career potential, where character and skill are the deciding factors and individuals are seen for who they are.


    To help our people be proud of who they are, we have multiple avenues of support for individuals all across the LGBTQ+ spectrum and comprehensive education opportunities for all employees to learn about the LGBTQ+ community.

    Race + Ethnicity

    Taking responsibility and taking action are vital in the fight for racial justice. When it comes to our community of color, we are always pursuing ways to be the better we hope to see: to provide better access, better opportunities and better support to everyone who has been overlooked in favor of a monochrome world.


    Our people each have incredible life stories and for many that includes time serving our country in the military. We are proud to show our gratitude and to provide a strong community of recognition for our veterans.

    Culture Keepers

    There is no one size fits all, off-the-shelf program for diversity and inclusion. It’s a living thing, constantly evolving. But we cannot afford to let fear of what’s next halt our progress, we must keep going.

    Infotech’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion [CDI] promotes diversity, equity, justice and inclusion for all Infotech employees by supporting an environment founded on Infotech’s commitment to treat people right. Or as we call it, TPR. Comprised of a diverse group of Infotechers from across departments, leadership levels and background, the CDI has four objectives:

    • Support awareness and education around topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion including helping to create and position learning & development opportunities, workshops and training.

    • Identify opportunities for the company to engage with its broader communities to promote equity, social justice and inclusion.

    • Assist in the creation of initiatives that tackle gaps identified via internal and external measurements of success.

    • Develop, plan and execute celebratory and educational diversity and inclusion events, initiatives and programs.

    We never want to miss an opportunity to learn about, engage with or celebrate the experiences that make us individual, and our CDI was founded through our intentions to accelerate a culture where everyone belongs.

    Committee for Diversity and Inclusion logo

    “The CDI represents the best in all of us. They represent our will to be better and to do better. To match our words with our actions. To ensure Infotech is a place where every voice, every culture, every orientation, every ethnicity, every identity is seen, heard, included, and valued.”

    Dr. Jamie McClave Baldwin, President of Infotech Consulting

    Every road is different.

    Highway or back road, fresh asphalt or a bumpy ride, they’re as unique as people; made of the same basic materials but distinct through environment or purpose. And each one is necessary to get us where we need to go - forward. Which is why the roads you’ve traveled are as important as the ones we’ll build together.