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[Case Study] MSA Sets the Stage for Digital Growth with Appia®

August 04, 2021

Challenge: With more clients seeking sophisticated digital deliverables, MSA made finding a way to capture data digitally a top priority. A need for more consistent reporting and to eliminate redundant tasks also factored into the search for a solution.

Solution: A centralized cloud database for cross stakeholder collaboration, production of digital deliverables, and process automation with Appia.

Results: MSA experiences the following primary benefits when using Appia on public works projects:

  • Customizing reporting based on clients needs
  • Creating a consistent workflow for digital data entry
  • Reducing repetitive, manual tasks and increasing productivity

Prioritizing Digital Data Capture

In Jaime Kurten’s role as Digital Design Manager for MSA, she manages all of the efficiency and productivity software used by MSA’s engineers. As such, she was heavily involved in the search for and implementation of a digital project delivery solution for the Wisconsin locations of the full-service engineering firm. So, why Appia?

After some exploration into developing a personalized app, MSA started looking for a more cost-effective solution for digital capture. Their relationship with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) pointed them towards the Appia service.

“We do a lot of work for WisDOT, so we’re very familiar with [Infotech’s] FieldManager® and Bid Express®. Being familiar with those tools, we moved towards looking at Appia. It seemed like a good fit with our familiarity with Infotech products and where we were looking to grow.”

Read the full case study.


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