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Understanding NIGP Codes in Construction Project Bidding & Procurement

February 17, 2023

If you work in construction or procurement, you may have come across the National Institute of Governmental Purchasings' Code (NIGP). So, what are NIGP codes?

NIGP Codes provide a uniform coding structure for state and local government agencies to source specific bids and contracts. Just like a book has a specific ISBN code or a laptop has a serial number, each commodity has its own NIGP code that can be used universally. For example, an agency may use “91327” to signify “Construction, Highway and Road” or “91430” for “Concrete” across all of their solicitations.

These codes can be a fundamental part of the bidding process. Competitive bidding requires a substantial amount of involvement from multiple functional areas of a business, so NIGP Codes provide clarity and efficiency to keep the process moving forward.

Some bidding platforms allow agencies to leverage NIGP codes to increase outreach and find their target audience. When government purchasing agents want to procure a good or service, they may attach these codes to the solicitation. Vendors will note which NIGP codes are relevant to them in order to receive personalized opportunity notifications. By adopting NIGP codes, agencies can ensure they reach the maximum number of qualified vendors or contractors

If you’re interested in an online bidding platform that enables your organization to use NIGP codes to connect with qualified vendors, you may be interested in Bid Express. Bid Express standardizes the procurement process for vendors and agencies alike, ensuring complete, error-free bids are submitted for every letting.

With the recent launch of Personalized Notifications in Bid Express, vendors will receive notifications about relevant opportunities related to their location, keyword, and NIGP code preferences. This functionality increases the quantity and quality of bid submissions for agency users.

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Dr. Joseph Rowland
Director of Business Development
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