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Exploring Cloud Based Construction Administration with Michigan LPAs & Consultants

September 18, 2023

We recently interviewed Michigan LPAs and consultants about the challenges they encountered with paper, spreadsheets, or FieldManager - and how they leveraged cloud-based construction administration to overcome them.

These quotes highlight some of the benefits to collaboration, transparency, and reporting that come from using Appia, Infotech’s cloud-based FieldManager alternative:

On near real-time access:

“Pictures can be taken via your tablet or your phone and they’re linked directly into the daily report. When you take your picture you can put a little description of what it is you’re looking at and it’s right there, instantaneously. That helps even from my perspective, in the office, that picture shows up on the web, it’s all web-based, I can see that in real-time.”

  • Craig Schripsema, Director of Field Services, OHM

On device flexibility:

“The fact that we can work from any device is huge. To be able to have the tablets out there, the phones. We have laptops but that just doesn’t do all of it. They have access to everything, we put our plans, we put our contracts - so they’re not pulling up five different documents while we’re in the field.”

  • Rachel Phillips, Engineering Manager, City of Bay City

On project closeout:

“Our fiscal year runs from July 1 - June 30 which is very unfortunate for construction. So, to have everything set up right away so I can go back and say ‘this is where we were on June 30 and this is what our costs were’ it really makes the switchover for fiscal years much much better.”

  • Rachel Phillips, Engineering Manager, City of Bay City

These quotes just scratch the surface of everything covered in our recent recorded discussion. To learn more about how these organizations are leveraging Appia to improve and streamline their construction administration process, check out the full webinar below.

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