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With Read-Only Access, the City of Terre Haute Keeps Information Flowing Freely

April 28, 2021

Challenge: As the Construction Manager for the City of Terre Haute, Bradley Utz often has to answer questions from project stakeholders, to ranging from project contractors all the way up to the Mayor. Not only does answering these questions take time, if Utz isn’t at his desk, it could be a while before an answer is ready.

Solution: Appia® for construction administration and inspection, with read-only licensing and real-time mobile access.

Results: By providing read-only access to contractors and other project stakeholders in Appia, Utz ensures project information is easily accessible to anyone who needs it. With real-time, mobile access, Utz is able to answer project questions in the field and take a closer look at daily reports.

"Brad, you have a phone call."

That’s a phrase that Bradley Utz, Construction Manager for the City of Terre Haute, is used to hearing. Because of his high level of visibility on projects and access to project information, he’s often called upon to provide project updates or answer contractor questions about pay estimates, change orders, etc. Providing this information takes time, and Utz wasn’t always available to find an answer.

“Depending on what they were asking for, I’d have to be at my computer to get it for them. So if I was in the field, I’d have to make a note, get back to the office, hopefully remember, then print it off and get it to them,” said Utz.

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