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[Case Study] RS&H Dissolves Disputes with Appia’s Audit Trail

March 01, 2020

Challenge: As the Construction Services Discipline Leader for RS&H, David Elliott and his team travel to job sites around the country to “kick the tires” and ensure projects proceed as planned. With responsibilities spanning the coast, Elliott needs to maximize his time and ensure project disputes don’t slow down progress or come back to haunt him.

Solution: Appia® — Infotech’s leading solution for construction administration and inspection. By storing daily reports and other project data in Appia’s easily accessible and searchable cloud database, Elliott and his team are more productive in the field and back at the office - where potential disputes are squashed thanks to robust recordkeeping.

Results: Reduction in research time, increased productivity in the field, and project communication clarity.

RS&H and Appia: A Decade Strong

Elliott and his team have been using Appia for over 10 years to manage inspections and contracts on airfield projects throughout the country. Before that, Elliott notes that “we were just kind of old school.” An inspector would write up the report on paper, scan it, and email it in, where it would be printed and stored in a physical file. Moving to Appia, where inspectors can capture data in the field and transmit it back to one database in the cloud, has allowed Elliott and his team to maximize productivity.

“Inspectors can be more effective with their hours - as opposed to sitting in a trailer trying to do a pay app or checking paperwork, they can be in the field actually monitoring quality and giving a better product to the owner,” said Elliott.

When discussing how his field staff enjoys using the software, Elliott mentions that they enjoy the flexibility that comes with Mobile Inspector®, Infotech’s field collection app that feeds data back to Appia. It’s easier to enter data into a phone or a tablet in the field rather than a bulky laptop back in the truck. Of course, every rose has its thorn:

“I’ve got a few inspectors who are going to projects that use Appia and a question I get from them daily - ‘when am I getting an iPad?’”

Read the full case study here.


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