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Cloud hosting solves many problems beyond just ditching antiquated storage methods.


In his 1997 book The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen details the notion of “disruptive
innovation” as a fresh technology or idea that creates a new market and displaces an existing
one. His first examination of the concept deals with the disk drive industry. It’s fitting that 21
years later we’re discussing a different form of digital storage: cloud-based hosting.

Almost nine out of every 10 Fortune 500 companies from the 1950s are gone today. There are a
multitude of reasons for this but a major one is technological advances. It’s vital for the construction industry to keep pace with technology and cloud-based hosting is one of the biggest - yet
easiest - technologies to deploy. Gartner expects the industry to grow 21.4% this year alone.
The future is here now, it’s just not evenly distributed.

Without even knowing it, many of us are using cloud-based hosting systems in both our everyday
and professional lives, such as Netflix and While some focus on the cost of
the transition under the notion that their current system is doing fine, the long-term value and
benefits of this innovation are not necessarily being considered. Cloud-hosting solves many
problems beyond just ditching antiquated storage methods. It can save on hardware and power
usage, help your agency Go Green (hey, I’m a Michigan State grad), improve security, provide
seamless upgrades, provide an ability to surge and ensure people focus on their jobs.

How does cloud-hosting solve these problems?

Eliminate the Investment and Maintenance of Infrastructure
Agencies that choose to host their enterprise system in the cloud have no need to invest in or
update a physical server infrastructure. By transitioning to a trusted third-party hosting service,
agencies can reduce the time and cost spent on maintenance.

Make the Most Out of Limited IT Budgets
IT budgets are limited and often times IT staff are overworked. Many states have even
experienced a consolidation of IT to one central department. This forces agencies to jockey
for position when technical issues arise. Using a third-party hosting service, such as Amazon
Web Services (AWS), allows your IT team to address issues when they occur. Additionally,
cloud-hosted services provide the ability to surge during peak usage times which may not be
adequately supported by your everyday infrastructure.

Benefit from Experienced, Up-to-Date Security
Third-party hosting services take a comprehensive approach to security. Using a mix of VPCs,
security groups, and reverse proxies, hosting services ensure data is secure, encrypted, and
accessible. The latest patches are applied through the same secure, encrypted process. A full
disaster recovery plan provides agencies with the assurance that their information is safe in the
face of an emergency.

Save Time, Effort and the Environment with Web Access
Data analysis and transfer are made easier by a secure and robust system that users can
access from anywhere, anytime. That means no heading back to the office for a forgotten file or
overspending on delivery fees to get paper documents somewhere fast. By providing easy digital
access, hosting can help agencies go green.

As the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company continues to dwindle, many blame the rapid
onset of new technologies for putting juggernauts out of business. Organizations that welcome
innovation aren’t eliminated by technology; they’re elevated by it. Embracing cloud hosting
services is an essential move to keep pace with the times.

As a leading developer of construction management software, Info Tech, Inc. has experience
providing hosting services starting in the early 2000s with the Bid Express service for internet
bidding. To date, more than a trillion dollars have been processed without any lost or corrupted
data. Info Tech has extended hosting services to its client, the American Association of State
Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO). The relationship between AASHTO and Info Tech
started when it purchased Info Tech’s complete infrastructure management software solution,
Trns.port, in 1984, creating what is now AASHTOWare Project. Currently, AASHTO contracts
with Info Tech each year to maintain, support, and enhance its product – growing the software
from mainframe to what is now a software-as-a-service product. This allows Info Tech the ability
to offer hosting solutions to more than 40 DOTs. States like Oklahoma, Iowa, New Jersey and
Kentucky enjoy the benefits of Info Tech hosted services for AASHTOWare Project products.


Chad Schafer
Director of Account Management and Sales
A proud graduate of Michigan State, Chad started at Infotech in 2001. As the Director of Technical Sales & Account Management, his expertise leads new product development and customer retention efforts.
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