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A Strong Culture to Lead the Way

August 13, 2021

Culture hasn’t always been the buzzword it is today, but for Infotech it’s been a part of employee vernacular for decades. This is, in part, because the culture has grown from their voices, being heard and acted upon.

“There is no roadmap for a global pandemic and its impact on your business. But if you have a strong culture, you look to your culture to help you make decisions. At Infotech, our culture is based on compassion,” - Dr. Jamie McClave Baldwin, President of Infotech Consulting.

When faced with a year like 2020, Infotech’s culture spoke up loud and clear: this was the time to step up as a leader in diversity and inclusion, to provide an adaptable workplace and to set an example in accepting change and innovating along the way.

In the last year, Infotech developed and launched a new inclusive benefits program, offering employees access to critical services supporting fertility solutions, gender affirmation, holistic wellness and more; created a Committee for Diversity and Inclusion to accelerate its culture where everyone belongs; strengthened its approach to diverse recruiting; and found ways to maintain flexibility and engagement for an increasingly hybrid workforce.

Looking ahead, Infotech’s priority is always to continue putting people first, meeting them where they are through whatever changes, challenges or successes the next year may bring.

Infotech is the #21 Florida Trend Best Place to Work for the second year running. Come work with us and find out why:


Darcy Herlihy
Communications Specialist
A long-time fan of words in all their forms, Darcy is a part of the Corporate Communications team at Infotech. She loves her community, the city of Gainesville and her alma mater, the University of Florida.
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