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Modernizing Unit-Based Construction Workflows

July 28, 2023

Part 1 - Time, Money, and Quality (Pick Three)

Most people in the construction industry today are familiar with the axiom that goes, “Good, Fast, or Cheap? Pick two." Rarely is there ever an opportunity to have all three as usually, two may only simultaneously occur at the expense of the third. Appia bucks that trend by delivering on all three when it comes to modernizing the documentation workflow of unit-based construction. So what is it? Where did it come from? And why should I invest in it?

At its simplest, the Appia name is derived from the Appian Way in Italy, widely regarded as one of the earliest and most strategically important roads of Rome. Fast forward to today, Appia is once again one of the most important pieces of software for the heavy and highway construction industry. Developed by Infotech in Gainesville, Fla., the company who is also the official contractor for AASHTOWare Project, Appia is the game changer that the industry needs due to the rapidly changing landscape of construction and construction project management. Early adopters have time and again confirmed the savings in time, savings in inspection costs, and the auditable quality of the workflows and documentation.

As the contractor to AASHTO for over four decades in the development and continuous improvement of AASHTOWare Project, Infotech has established itself as the leader in the unit-based construction e-documentation space. It’s upon this seasoned experience that Infotech set its sights on producing a lightweight and user-friendly product in Appia for the private market that achieves and delivers on the three main tenets. Its user interface is simple and intuitive with robust workflows and data capture abilities, all wrapped up in a web-accessible, cloud-based system that is both reliable and easily accessible.

In the next two parts of this three part series, we’ll dive a little deeper into the details of what Appia can do and provide a look into the newest features, abilities, and recent partnerships with industry leaders that make Appia the tool that can take your construction project to the next level by moving from just paper in a box to a fully integrated data capture workflow that end users can leverage for life cycle analysis, planning, and asset management.

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Adam F. Dawidowicz, CCM
Senior Account Manager
Adam is a Senior Account Manager with a proven track record of growth, boasting 24+ years experience in construction and 15+ years specific to construction inspection. Adam is a subject matter expert in the fields of construction, project management, land surveying, and utilization of technology to further streamline and bring meaningful and valuable savings and results to owners and end-users of data.