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[Case Study] To Escape Paper, FHU Heads to the Cloud

February 28, 2020

Challenge: Tom Nead, the Regional Manager for the Construction Management group of Felsburg Holt & Ullevig’s (FHU) Mountain West region, had a mountain of his own to cross. Namely, the mountain of paperwork generated by an outdated paper-based process. Seeking to automate manual processes and cut down on wasted labor hours, Nead began vetting cloud-based construction administration and inspection solutions.

Solution: Appia® — Infotech’s leading solution for construction administration and inspection. Real-time daily entries from the field and the ability to run comprehensive reports give Nead and his team an edge on projects small and large - like on an $80 million road-widening project with 600+ pay items.

Results: Improved pay item management, office & field staff time savings, and greater stakeholder visibility.

Working with Colorado DOT Sparks a Search

FHU is a construction and engineering consultant that provides owner’s representation services to municipalities and state DOTs throughout the Midwest. As the Regional Manager for FHU’s Mountain West region, Tom Nead primarily works with the Colorado DOT (CDOT) at the state level. When working with CDOT, Nead and his team use AASHTOWare Project SiteManager™, the transportation department’s preferred software platform for construction project management. When they weren’t working with CDOT, everything from daily reporting to pay item tracking was managed in a complex network of forms, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets. Unsurprisingly, CDOT jobs were heavily preferred. So Nead began hunting for a solution.

“I was looking for solutions for projects when I don’t work for CDOT, when I work for a city, county, or toll authority and they don’t have SiteManager. I really didn’t want to go back to doing spreadsheets and documents ever again.”

Read the full case study.


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