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[Case Study] The City of Milwaukee Embraces e-Bidding for Better Quality Bids

February 14, 2020

Challenge: In previous years, the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works used a paper-based bidding process for everything from water mains to sidewalk replacement. Time-consuming and more prone to error, this process also required bidders to physically drop off or mail-in bid packets. To reach more bidders, the City of Milwaukee sought an alternative.

Solution: Bid Express® for secure online bidding, developed by Infotech. With over 20 years of experience in e-bidding, Infotech provides industry-leading solutions to common process issues.

Results: With the vast majority of Milwaukee’s Public Works bidding community using Bid Express, issues with non-compliant and non-responsive bids have been eliminated, while the city also gets a clearer picture of their bidding community.

Celeste Jantz, Contract Compliance Officer for the City of Milwaukee, wasn’t with the City when they first started using Bid Express in 2013. Still, she’s familiar with the issues that led them to seek out an online bidding platform. Namely, human error - “when we take bids on paper, there are figures that don’t always match or you can’t read them,” she says.

Read the full case study.


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