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Partnerships with Purpose: Let’s Revive Our Community


The mandates from the local and state governments reminding us to be safe and take precautions are often centered around limiting time away from your home and keeping non-perishables stocked up. But even the ability to follow these guidelines is a luxury that many in Gainesville don’t have.

We love statistics here at Infotech, but it breaks our heart to see statistics surfacing in this pandemic that tell the story of just how many Americans can’t put food on the table when their paycheck is reduced or eliminated for a month. And so, where we can, we’re giving back, hoping to encourage others who can to do so in abundance. If you are able to give, we invite you to join us in caring for your neighbors in need as we all face this together.

  • One of our long-time community partners at Infotech is GRACE Marketplace and their mission to end homelessness became more urgent when the pandemic hit. We were able to provide a $5,000 matching sponsorship toward their goal to raise $40,000 by the end of June. You can learn more and participate here.
  • Bread of the Mighty, one of Gainesville’s largest food banks, has seen a surge in numbers of those needing their services. When COVID-19 forced schools to shut down, Bread of the Mighty stepped up to offer provisions to families with children out of school. Their patronage has tripled in the last month. If you would like to join us in donating to Bread of the Mighty, click here.
  • While their usual mission is to cultivate and sustain the local food community in North Central Florida, Working Food has pivoted and added a focus on providing meals to families in need. They are serving meals to around 1,300 families each week through donations only. We donated funds to feed 30 families through Working Food to support their goal of getting fresh hearty meals into the community.
  • G.R.A.C.E.D. Outreach is a local organization offering dinners to students twice a week, with the funds for the meals coming entirely out of pocket. Infotech normally offers snacks to employees working in the office, but with our entire company working remote for the time being, we were able to donate two carts of snack items to G.R.A.C.E.D. for their outreach programming. You can contact G.R.A.C.E.D. for ways to offer support, here.
  • To honor their passion for the Gainesville community, First Magnitude Brewing Company partnered with us to create MAGnify, a virtual engagement experience designed to bring the community together. MAGnify provides a digital platform for artists, speakers, educators and entertainers in the First Mag community to connect with their audiences from afar. The best part is that anyone can join in, regardless of location. See all MAGnify events and RSVP to attend, here.

Our community is so important to us. We believe in treating people right and helping those whose industries have been affected by the coronavirus. Find out more about our community partners and how to request a sponsorship on our website at


Darcy Herlihy
Communications Specialist
A long-time fan of words in all their forms, Darcy is a part of the Corporate Communications team at Infotech. She loves her community, the city of Gainesville and her alma mater, the University of Florida.
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