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[Case Study] Keeping Prime A/E Group, Inc. Ahead of Schedule

October 15, 2018

Challenge: To meet the infrastructure construction needs of a high-profile progressive Facebook Data Center running on 100% renewable energy, Prime A/E needed to adhere to strict milestones and to manage multiple funding sources for water, sewer, and roadway construction.

Solution: Appia® — the leading solution for infrastructure construction management, with real-time access to projects from any location. Appia® allows users to collaborate in real-time to manage daily reports, items, change orders, and payments for multiple job site roles.

Ambitious Projects Require Powerful Tools

When you are charged with building the infrastructure of a data center for one of the largest companies in the world, the pressure is on and the standards
are high. There are milestones to meet, multiple funding sources to manage, and innumerable project managers, inspectors, and other stakeholders to keep informed. Fortunately, PRIME had a secret weapon at its disposal: Appia, a construction administration and inspection service created forcomplex projects with tight

As the Associate Vice President of Construction Management for PRIME, Joe Warino, used Appia for managing, tracking, and reporting construction progress to increase field productivity with the paperless and mobile workflow solution. He believes that by using Appia to manage projects, PRIME elevates the client-contractor relationship.

Read the full case study.


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