Bid Express Agency Pricing

Bid Express offers two pricing options: Agency Pay and Vendor Pay. Learn more about how our pricing works below.

About Agency Pay

Some agencies choose to sponsor all of their vendor submissions through the Agency Pay model. This option is especially helpful for agencies that wish to mandate electronic bidding or lower the barrier of entry for their vendors. Agency Pay contractors are determined by solicitation volume - contact us to determine specific pricing for your agency.

About Vendor Pay

Bid Express is available to agencies at no cost through the Vendor Pay model. Vendors pay a submission fee that is typically less than an overnight delivery service. Alternatively, vendors can choose to subscribe monthly and pay one fee to submit unlimited bids for all agencies nationwide that post to the Bid Express service.

Bid Express Fee Schedule

Vendor submission costs for the Bid Express service at
Transaction-based fee

Pay per-solicitation in which a subscriber submits an electronic bid through the Bid Express Service. This option is most cost effective to subscribers who do not submit bids to solicitations often.


Subscription-based fee

Monthly subscription, unlimited bids. This option is most cost-effective to vendors who bid electronically on several solicitations each month. It includes the email notification service which allows the vendor to automatically receive updates on solicitations selected for bidding. It also allows the vendor to "follow" an unlimited number of agencies to receive notification of those agencies' postings, updates and more.


Infotech Digital ID™

An Infotech Digital ID is required to bid electronically with the Bid Express Service. There is no fee to process and activate a Digital ID for the Bid Express Service at


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