Bid Express Agency Resources

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Case Studies

Read stories of how organizations leveraged Bid Express to overcome challenges and add key benefits.

Ohio Department of Transportation Rolls Out e-Bidding to LPAs
The City of Grand Rapids Goes Paperless with e-Bidding
Minnesota Department of Transportation's Journey to Electronic Bidding
Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority Beats the Ferry with Bid Express
In the City of Huntington, Paper Has No Place
City of Milwaukee Embraces e-Bidding for Better Quality Bids

Product Guides

These product guides explain features, benefits, and processes in Bid Express.

Bid Express: Agency Benefits
Bid Express Features and Benefits Guide
Bid Express: Paper Bidding vs. Internet Bidding
Bid Express U.S. Users Map


Watch in-depth webinars featuring product demonstrations and panel discussions.

Bid Express®: Power Users, Process and Personalization
Getting Started With Remote Bidding: FAQs and More
Remote Bidding Best Practices - Panel Discussion
Embracing Remote, Paperless Bidding in 2021


Learn about the “why” behind core functionality in Bid Express.

Are electronic signatures enforced by law?
What is Internet Bidding and What Are the Benefits?
Electronic Bid Bond Verification for Public Agency Bidding
Why Your ERP May Not Be the Right Idea for Internet Bidding

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