Bid Express®

Amplify the quality and quantity of your bid submissions with the e-bidding platform that streamlines the solicitation process for agencies and vendors everywhere.

Streamline construction bidding and general procurement with Bid Express

For Agencies
  • Minimize discarded low bids with error checks and omission alerts
  • Reduce paper waste from printed bid packets and plans
  • Get instant bid tabs with ranked and exportable results
For Vendors
  • Submit complete, error-free bids from any internet-connected device
  • Eliminate the time and cost of shipping or hand delivery
  • Accommodate last-minute adjustments with online submissions
For Personnel
  1. No installation and simple training makes implementation easy
  2. Agency and vendor support available Monday - Friday from 7 am to 8 pm ET

In-App Features

Explore what sets the Bid Express service apart from your typical procurement process.

In-App Features

Explore what sets the Bid Express service apart from your typical procurement process.

Electronic form-building to ensure a complete response

Built-in calculations help eliminate math errors

Automated error-checking to ensure requirements are met

No more throwing away the low or best-value bid on a technicality

The customer service is excellent, the bidders who bid with us regularly are really comfortable using Bid Express, and we don’t have any issues with non-compliance or non-responsive bidders.
Celeste Jantz, Contract Compliance Officer, City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works
Infotech invented electronic bidding for highway construction over 20 years ago
Producing immediate bid results, having unlimited access to information, and getting on-the-spot notification are some of the major benefits of the service.
RoShunda Ward
Administrative Specialist II, East Baton Rouge Parish
Online bidding allows the estimating staff more time in those critical last minutes of the bid process to focus on cost savings rather than getting a bid on the road to the submission site.
Pete Kelley
Superior Construction
Bid Express has operated smoothly and securely since 2011.

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