Bid Express Agency Features

Explore Bid Express features, designed to empower your agency. We’re always expanding the capabilities of what Bid Express can do, based on real user feedback.

Error & Omission Alerts

Avoidable errors can cost agencies millions of dollars if it leads to a discarded low bid. Bid Express alerts bidders to missing information and automatically calculates values to eliminate errors from the process.

Lockbox Technology

Eliminate the need for physical bid security with our digital lockbox technology. Bids are securely stored until the bid opening time is reached and bids are automatically tabulated.

Digital Signatures

Signed, sealed, and delivered - Bid Express offers both electronic signature and Digital ID technology to confirm the identity of the bidder and replace the need for wet ink signatures.

Solicitation Templates

Streamline bid and proposal management by creating an online repository of templates that can be duplicated and modified as needed.

Instant Bid Tabs

Bid Express uses data from secure, online bid submissions to automatically compile bid tabulation data into one comprehensive report. Save time and avoid the errors that come with manual transcription.

Custom Item Lists

Develop or import your agency's custom item list for all of your purchasing staff to use in developing solicitations.

Vendor Communication

Automatically communicate updates and addenda to your vendor community with the agency notification feature.

Online Bond Verification

Eliminate bid bond paperwork and authenticity concerns with online bond verification via S2000, Inc. and SuretyWave.

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