Bid Express Agency FAQs

If you’re interested in learning more about Bid Express, we recommend contacting us to find out if it’s the right fit for your organization. Below, you’ll find a summary of the most popular questions we get about Bid Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organizations is Bid Express designed for?

Public and private organizations who are responsible for publicly or privately advertising sealed bids to an open or select group of bidders and require a deadline for submission where a solicitation opening is to follow. We work with hundreds of state/local agencies and private companies who are hired by an agency or other private clients. We see solicitations ranging from construction to general procurement.

Why make the switch to internet bidding?

Paper processes are riddled with errors, data loss, and miscommunication. Bid Express eliminates these problems while providing your agency with powerful bid analytics, faster solicitation processing and cost-saving tools. Benefits include:

  • Minimize submission mistakes like math errors, missing forms fields, unacknowledged addendas, etc.

  • Minimize late bids due to mail, travel, or weather delays

  • Enable seamless remote bid openings

  • Increase competition through a wider audience

Solicitations can be created quickly and easily in minutes using Bid Express SmartForms™ technology and the apparent bid results can be determined in minutes.

Additionally, many agencies are implementing mandates relating to electronic bid security in response to increasing reliance on remotely located staff and bidding communities, tightening accountability and collusion prevention.

What does it cost to use the Bid Express service?

Public agencies can choose the “vendor pay” option to license the service at no annual cost, as vendors pay a submission fee when they choose to submit bids. This fee is typically less than an overnight delivery service. Alternatively, vendors can choose to subscribe monthly and pay one fee to submit unlimited bids for all agencies nationwide that post to the Bid Express service. A one-time implementation fee may apply. Agencies can also choose to take these costs on for their vendors under an agency pay model.

How will Bid Express affect my bid openings?

Bids are secured and signed from start to finish. When conducting a bid opening, there’s no need for physical bid drop off since the bids are already held in a digital lockbox. Once the bid opening time is reached, bids can be analyzed and automatically tabulated, and apparent bid results can be attained in minutes. There’s no need to check for errors or verify bid bonds since all of this was completed upon bid submission. Bid opening is completely remote with Bid Express.

How can my agency or organization incorporate our unique bidding requirements?

Bid Express is designed to enable agencies to configure custom solicitation and form templates, so your agency can set up a template to meet your bid or proposal requirements and replicate it across multiple solicitations.

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