Bid Express Vendor Testimonials

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Hear from real agencies and procurement departments about how they use Bid Express to save time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

From Contractors

"Bid omissions are addressed before submission and arithmetic errors are a thing of the past. It pays for itself by having just one contractor’s low bid accepted instead of rejected on a technicality."

Chris Engle, Oklahoma Contractors Association

"As a member, we receive notices of upcoming projects. This can potentially save money to the contractor by eliminating plan exchange services.”

Diana Maddox, J & J Schlaegel, Inc.

“Online bidding has increased the efficiency of bidding for contractors. It standardizes the procurement process which assists in the minimization of the risk of errors."

Michael D. Killilea II, P.E., The Righter Co., Inc.

From Agencies

“I think the contractors don’t mind spending the money to place a bid because it’s saving them postage and a trip to the courthouse.”

Adam Fricke, Deputy Engineer, Clinton County

“From a contractor perspective, if they can be in their office, get calls on quotes, and incorporate a last-minute price change on their bid instead of having to do that early."

Nancy Boeve, Contracts and Lettings Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Transportation

“The [contractor] community really likes it now… because once they hit ‘submit’ they get a message that everything is okay, they know it’s done, and they don’t have to worry about it.”

Kim Bailey, Purchasing Director, City of Huntington

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