Bid Express Vendor Features

Explore Bid Express features, designed to empower your agency. We’re always expanding the capabilities of what Bid Express can do, based on real user feedback.

Error & Omission Alerts

There’s little fun in having your bid rejected because of a minor error. Bid Express alerts bidders to missing information and automatically calculates values to eliminate errors from the process.

Digital Signatures

No more scrambling to get something signed at the last minute - Bid Express offers both electronic signature and Digital ID technology to confirm your identity and replace the need for wet ink signatures.

Personalized Notifications

Bid Express subscribers can sign up to get notified via email by agency, location, work type and/or commodity and service codes. Never miss another opportunity to bid on a project.

Online Plan Access

Eliminate paper waste and misplaced plans. Access all bid-related documents online via Bid Express.

Instant Bid Results

No more waiting around for results. Review apparent bid results the minute they’re posted and see how your bid stacked up with competitors.

Online Bond Verification

Eliminate bid bond paperwork and authenticity concerns with online bond verification via S2000, Inc. and SuretyWave.

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