Bid Express Subscriber Benefits

Upgrade to an unlimited bidding subscription for the low cost of $50/month and unlock additional benefits like Personalized Notifications, Vendor Directory, and more.

Secure, unlimited bidding is the core of your subscription

Unlimited Bidding

Say goodbye to bid submission fees when you unlock unlimited - a better way to bid. Bid Express subscribers can submit as many bids as they like without individual submission fees. With the ability to submit more bids and win more work, a Bid Express subscription pays for itself in no time. And at only $50/month, it’s cheaper than the cost of two pay-per-solicitation submissions.

Subscriber features help find opportunities and drive collaboration

Personalized Notifications

Never miss another opportunity to bid on a project! Bid Express subscribers input their desired agencies, locations, work types and/or commodity and service codes. When an agency posts a new job to Bid Express that matches these parameters, subscribed vendors will receive an email notification of the opportunity.

Vendor Directory

Access the Vendor Directory to search through business names, types, locations, and contact information. The Vendor Directory helps organizations identify primes and subs, build their network, and conduct research on who is bidding in the area.

Find Plan Holders

With new Find Plan Holders functionality, you can see all the plan holders in one place in seconds. Use the Find Plan Holders feature to connect with businesses who are in need of the services you provide.

Text Alerts

Increase your flexibility by adding the ability to receive Personalized Notifications directly to your mobile device at no additional cost.

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