Appia® Integrations

Explore Appia’s existing integrations or build your own with the Appia API.


Our integration with Esri connects Infotech data with mapping dashboards for location and GIS data. Increase transparency and visibility by tracking all project activity in one hub, including contract management, funding info, field data collection, project progress, payments, and more.

Leica Geosystems

Our integration with Leica Geosystems enables teams to link Leica GNSS Rovers to daily work reports in Appia to simplify survey data collection. Remove the manual, time-consuming part of the construction inspection process by automating survey data collection.


Our integration with Trimble Access™ connects survey data to Appia via the Mobile Inspector® Measure Service. Eliminate the manual process of field data collection by capturing high-accuracy positioning and measurement data from Trimble rovers on a mobile device.

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