FieldGenius + Appia®

Link your Leica GNSS Rover to your daily work report in Appia to simplify survey data collection. Available now through an integration between Leica Geosystems and Infotech.

Make collecting your survey data easy and accurate.

The hustle and bustle of regular project inspections can lead to unintentional errors. From rain-smudged notes to fours that look like sevens, mishaps happen. FieldGenius + Appia remove the manual, time-consuming part of the construction inspection process by automating survey data collection. Pairing your sophisticated rovers with handwritten notes is like steak and ketchup - it can ruin a beautiful thing. Keep your data in a digital ecosystem by transferring data in FieldGenius to your projects in Appia.

Creating your Daily Work Report has never been faster

FieldGenius for Construction Inspection is the key to connecting rover data to your projects in Appia.

Use any compatible Leica GNSS rover to collect construction site data on civil infrastructure projects.


Record project data into the FieldGenius Construction Inspection app. FieldGenius will automatically associate project item information with your survey data.


Export inspection data from FieldGenius and upload it into Appia to supplement reporting, project administration, and asset tracking.

Upgrade your inspection process

By connecting Leica Geosystems’ FieldGenius software with Infotech’s Appia service, you can now quickly capture and deliver the required field data you need in a few simple steps. Upgrade your inspection process to include a Leica GNSS rover today!

"In partnership with Leica Geosystems, we automated what was once a manual, time-consuming process, streamlining together a solution to simplify construction inspection, as well as support the creation of a digital as-built to increase efficiency in ongoing maintenance."

Will McClave, President of Infotech Systems

About Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems’ solutions are part of the Hexagon Heavy Construction portfolio that delivers value to its customers in the construction industry through an innovative portfolio of technologies across the life cycle of infrastructure projects. FieldGenius for Construction Inspection is available through Leica Geosystems.

About the Appia service

Appia is Infotech’s web-based platform for construction administration & inspection. Municipalities and engineering firms nationwide use Appia to maintain project records, capture data at the source, generate instant pay estimates, and above all, eliminate clunky processes.

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