Appia® Features

Explore Appia’s array of easy-to-use features. We’re always expanding the capabilities of what Appia can do, based on real user feedback.

Daily Reports

Capture site conditions, prime and sub workforce, item quantities, locations, and more, all from your mobile device or tablet. Comprehensive search tools make finding reports easy, protecting your organization from unwarranted claims.

Media Attachments

A picture is worth 1000 field notes. Attach multimedia files to your reports to paint a full picture of project progress. Third-parties can also post additional resources to your project, like job site camera recordings or e-tickets.

Fund Tracking

Track all project funding in one place, whether it’s a simple mix or a complex array of federal, state, and local funding. Attribute specific fund sources to specific items.

Estimate Generation

The ability to track funding by item makes it easy to generate a pay estimate with a single click.

Change Orders

Tracking and approving change orders has never been easier. Change orders are digitally sent to all relevant stakeholders to expedite the review process. Upon approval, all change orders are instantly applied to the project. New items, quantity adjustments, and time extensions are all included in the extension process.

Query & Report Builder

Query functionality in Appia makes it easy to find the data you need, when you need it. Use custom queries to pull reports out of specific sections of project data, simplifying reporting to project stakeholders.


Use a comprehensive material tracking component to easily keep tabs on certifications coming in from the field. Materials can be associated with items for tracking insufficiencies and calculating payments.

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