No code, no problem

From sales and business analysts to customer support, it takes a lot more than developers to keep a tech company running smoothly. We're always seeking tech-curious problem solvers working in many areas across the company.

If there’s a choice between doing things the right way and the easy way, there isn’t really a choice.


Our search for truth is informed by curiosity and powered by tenacity.


New ways of thinking are the core of our approach. Disruptors are welcome.

Join a team of diverse thinkers at a company where every day is marked by possibility. Experience preferred. Curiosity required.
We're a thriving tech company that's constantly innovating, not just with our products but also with our employees and the community. After 18 years at Infotech, it's still a fun and rewarding place to work. Love our awesome new building and our location at Celebration Pointe.
Conchi Ossa
Sr. Account Manager
Co-workers are kind and helpful. The mentality that everyone matters is emphasized and encouraged from the top down. This incites teamwork and creates a pleasant working environment.
Neeta Someshwar
Senior Business Analyst
Between the regular celebratory events, seemingly unlimited food truck offerings, game room for ping pong breaks, and the trusting and supportive work environment, I couldn't ask for a better employer.
Joey Myer
Assistant Director of Sales

Job Categories

We celebrate individuality and collaboration in tandem. Understanding how we work together to advance our universal goals is crucial to success. What will your role be? Explore below.
Customer Success

From implementation and training to customer support, these employees ensure our customers are well-equipped to get the most out of our software.

Business Analysis

Before things get built, these are the employees who always ask “why?” These product experts conduct analysis that informs new product development, so effort is never wasted in solving customer problems.

Project Management

Ensuring boxes get checked and objectives are delivered, these highly-organized employees keep projects on track with a mix of persistence and purpose.

Sales and Marketing

Mixing industry data, instinct and a healthy dose of creativity, this team generates leads and moves them along the purchase cycle to keep growth consistent while maintaining the strength of our corporate brand.

People and Strategy

This team recruits top talent to keep new perspectives flowing into the building. By aligning employees under a shared vision, this team maintains a culture of inclusivity and strategic unity.


This team literally keeps us running. Guardians of the office, they balance the books, keep payments prompt, and fiercely protect our IP. They also ensure our workplace is clean, functional, and most importantly - air-conditioned.

Statistical/Econometric Analysis

The heart of the Consulting business, these statistical justice warriors provide litigation support by finding insights through complex data analysis.

Case Development

The backbone of our Consulting business, these justice advocates provide litigation support through deep industry research dives and meticulous legal expertise.

We welcome curious minds

When many of us were kids, we wanted to be astronauts. Then we learned about calculus - but it doesn’t mean we stopped loving rocketships. Developers may create our products, but innovation springs from every corner of the company. So come equipped with a passion for technology and new ideas.
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