Built specifically for the highway construction industry, is used by over 40 state transportation agencies to manage their bidding process. With tools to streamline proposals and empower contractors to win more bids, sets the standard for transportation project bidding.

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Bidding Services

Explore what sets apart from typical bidding platforms. Boost your bid with our additional service offerings.

Basic Service

Our basic service enables contractors to access bids online.

  • Search, view, and download complete and detailed bid information
  • Set-up email and proposal recommendations for preferred agencies
  • Gain free access to AASHTOWare Project Bids™ to prepare your bid
  • Gain free access to the Small Business Network® for contractor communication


Internet Bidding

With Internet Bidding, contractors can submit bids prepared through AASHTOWare Project Bids™ over the internet.

  • Eliminate travel and mail expenses for bid submission
  • Protect bid data with a unique Digital ID
  • Make last-minute price changes and adjustments
  • Verify bid bonds online through surety agencies


Analysis Suite Service

Bid Tab Analysis

  • View past bid prices
  • View historical low, average, and high item prices
  • Search by item, description, proposal, county, unit and low bidder
  • Sort by item, item description, average, high, low, and unit
  • Perform multiple analyses quickly within the Bid Express service

Bid Express Advantage

  • Compare your bid to key competitors on select items
  • Perform competitive analysis for specified lettings
  • Set parameters like quantities, locations, and dates
  • Quickly make decisions in intuitive graphic displays


Plan Sheets Service

Access plans directly within Bid Express by subscribing to the Online Plan Sheets service.

  • Download all of the sheets in a set, or download a smaller selection.
  • Stop driving to pick up plans or wasting unused plan sets
  • View all plan sheets and print them in your office for one monthly fee.
  • Access plan sheets from all participating agencies
  • Order custom sets of printed plans and have them delivered to your door.


Small Business Network®

The Bid Express Small Business Network® allows prime contractors and subcontractors to exchange sub-quotes and communicate projects within the Bid Express website.

  • Post an unlimited number of sub-quote requests
  • Set up email notifications for sub-quotes posts and responses
  • Easily locate pre-qualified and certified small and disadvantaged businesses
  • View all outstanding sub-quote requests at a glance

Access to the Bid Express Small Business Network® is included for all Basic Service subscribers.

In-App Features is built to protect and empower agencies and bidders alike.

In-App Features is built to protect and empower agencies and bidders alike.

No more throwing away the low bid on a technicality

When Louisiana DOT started using Bid Express, it was like going from a horse and buggy to a rocket ship - without any intermediate steps.
Reginald Jeter, Chief Estimator, F.J. Burnell, Inc.
Infotech invented electronic bidding for highway construction over 20 years ago
Producing immediate bid results, having unlimited access to information, and getting on-the-spot notification are some of the major benefits of the service.
RoShunda Ward
Administrative Specialist II, East Baton Rouge Parish
Nearly half a million bids submitted worth over $1.9 trillion, without a single bid lost.
Online bidding allows the estimating staff more time in those critical last minutes of the bid process to focus on cost savings rather than getting a bid on the road to the submission site.
Pete Kelley
Superior Construction
Bid Express has operated smoothly and securely since 1999.

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