Need help figuring out which plan is right for you? Browse the details of our Starter, Basic, and Pro tiers below. Plans

The Starter Tier

Access the vast library of data on

The Starter tier allows access to plan holders, eligible bidders, apparent bids, and participating agency notices on the site.
  • Access unlimited lettings from 40+ agencies in the US and Canada

  • View plan holders, eligible bidders, apparent bids, and agency notices

  • Prepare, save, and print bids

  • Research the bidding landscape in your region

The Basic Tier

Stay in-the-know with relevant opportunity notifications.

The Basic tier provides unlimited viewing and downloading of bidding information for all agencies posting proposals to, as well as exclusive features for finding relevant work.
  • Select favorite items, counties, and agencies or follow specific proposals

  • Get personalized work recommendations on your account dashboard and email

  • Search by items, keywords, and more to find work in your region

  • Export data for external use and data analysis

The Pro Tier

Everything you need to bid successfully on

The Pro Tier enables contractors to submit secure bids online on our fast and secure e-bidding platform.
  • Includes an Infotech Digital ID and one agency request to bid for online submission

  • Ensure bid completion with alerts for errors, omissions, and amendments

  • Track all of your bids across agencies in one convenient hub

  • Import and export bid item data in COL, CSV, or TAB formats

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