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What is the Bid Express service?

The Bid Express service is an online information service for bidding provided by Infotech. The Bid Express service is available at It is a two-way service, publishing bid-related information from agencies to the bidding community, and allowing online, secure bid submission from the bidding community to the agency. The Bid Express service also enables electronic bid bond verification, provides automatic email notification of projects, and, where available, provides online access to plan sheets and to bid tab data.

What different subscription options does the Bid Express service offer and how much do they cost?

The Bid Express service offers several subscription options. Each subscription option is available for a monthly fee, with the exception of the Starter tier. The tiers are as follows:

  • Starter Tier - Free

  • Basic Tier - $60/month

  • Pro Tier - $75/month

Bid Express subscribers also have the option to access services like the Analysis Suite and Online Plan Sheets Service for an additional monthly fee.

What methods of payment are accepted by the Bid Express service?

The Bid Express services fees are paid monthly by credit card. The Bid Express service accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

Each plan includes a specific set of benefits and features that you can read more about on our Pricing page. Here’s a quick guide to determining which tier is right for you:

  • If you simply need to access the service for information and don’t plan on submitting a bid, we recommend the free Starter tier

  • If you want to get personalized notifications about opportunities and export data from, we recommend the $60/month Basic tier

  • If you want to submit bids online, we recommend the $75/month Pro tier that includes one Infotech Digital ID and a request to bid for one agency

What is an Infotech Digital ID™?

An Infotech Digital ID is a unique electronic encryption key that allows contractors to digitally sign bids submitted via the Bid Express service. A Digital ID is required to use the Internet bid submission functionality of the Bid Express service, and may be generated within the Bid Express service.

How do you keep secure and reliable? has been in operation since 1997 with better than 99.95% uptime. The Bid Express servers are located in multiple geographical locations and configured with multiple automatic redundancies and backups to protect against service interruption.

You can view our status page at

When is customer support for available?

Customer support for the Bid Express service is available from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday, except for legal holidays. More support information is available on our Support page.

What browsers are supported by

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How do I submit my bid bond if I submit my bid over the Internet through the Bid Express service?

When submitting a bid over the Internet, you can provide a paper bid bond (if the agency you’re bidding with accepts them) or you can use the electronic bid bond verification feature within the Bid Express service. Before completing an electronic bid bond verification, you must have an approved Infotech® Digital ID™.

To use the electronic verification feature:

  • First, you and your local bonding agent must register with a participating surety agency (see Resources > Contacts for agency information).
  • The surety agency will provide your local bonding agent with a bid bond verification number.
  • Your bonding agent will most likely require your bidder ID (also referred to as a contractor ID or vendor number) and the proposal number or contract ID for the proposal you’re bidding on.

Once you have the bid bond verification number:

  • In the Bid component of the AASHTOWare Project Bids™ software, enter the bid bond verification number and complete any additional bid bond fields. Click Verify.
  • The Verify Bond wizard opens to guide you through the verification process. Follow the wizard’s instructions and enter your Digital ID password when prompted.
  • Your submitted bid bond information is sent to the surety agency, and your bond verification information is retrieved and added to your bid file.
  • When you submit your bid over the internet, the bond verification information is included.
  • To confirm your electronic bid bond has been completed:
  • In the Bid component, click Check Bid. If the Bid Bond tab is complete, you will see a check mark next to the tab name.

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