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Civil discussions on civil infrastructure. On Let’s Be Civil, we invite our peers and partners from across the construction industry to join us for in-depth discussions on news, tech, policy, and more.

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Our new episodes are published quarterly on our website, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and wherever podcasts are available.

About Let’s Be Civil

At Infotech, perspectives clash. We are simply too diverse to have it any other way. Tech wizards and construction experts go toe-to-toe. Fresh-faced interns shoot the breeze with industry vets.

Old meets new. History greets the future.
Evolution and stability shake hands.
And conversation happens.

What if we could bottle those differing, emerging,
and ever-shifting perspectives together for everyone to hear?

That’s the goal of Let’s Be Civil. To connect with our peers and partners in an engaging, conversational format. To bring together new ideas and fresh takes and throw them against the gauntlet of history and experience.
And to talk about civil infrastructure - civilly, of course.

Episodes drop quarterly. We sure hope you’ll tune in.

Interested in being a guest?

We’re always looking for new, interesting conversations to have on Let’s Be Civil. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch!

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