Iowa Partners with Info Tech® to Implement Construction Administration Solution Statewide

Gainesville, Fla., November 19, 2018 – The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Local Systems (OLS) recently announced a partnership with Info Tech, Inc.®, a leader in software solutions that advance and automate construction and provider of expert statistical and econometric litigation consulting services, to license the company’s Appia® service. As a cloud-based tool for construction administration and inspection, Appia will provide real-time project access and a one-system solution for all Iowa local public agencies (LPA) to manage their work. Once fully implemented, the Iowa DOT will require Appia to be used for all projects with federal or state funding.

After working closely with the Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC) and the American Public Works Association - Iowa Chapter representatives to assess local business needs, Iowa DOT contacted Info Tech to provide a web-based solution for the state’s specific construction administration needs. Info Tech has provided construction software solutions to the Iowa DOT for more than 20 years, establishing the company as a trusted partner in the department’s mission to maximize efficiency.

“Info Tech has a strong history providing solutions to the Iowa DOT and many of our LPAs, so it was natural to look to them to help provide all LPAs with one easy-to-use construction administration system regardless of the funding type,” said Donna Buchwald, Director Office of Local Systems. “Appia’s ability to work within other DOT systems’ framework, such as the Doc Express® service, the AASHTOWare Project software, and contractor payment systems, positioned the Appia service as the ideal solution for Iowa.”

The Appia service will provide a single solution for all LPA construction contract administration and will allow the LPAs to effectively manage daily reporting, funding, items, change orders, and payments with multiple role types for controlled, real-time collaboration.

“Currently, nine localities have successfully implemented Appia with more coming soon,” said Will McClave, Info Tech Systems President. “We have a long-standing relationship with the Iowa DOT and are proud to continue it as we partner to implement our local construction administration solution statewide.”

The Iowa DOT LPA released the following statement on their decision to adopt the Appia service: “The Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Local Systems’ mission is to work with our transportation partners and provide guidance in the development and implementation of projects to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. In line with this goal, the Office of Local Systems is implementing Info Tech’s Appia service as our solution which will allow all local public agencies to manage all construction contracts with state and/or federal funds, as well as their local or privately funded contracts.”

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