Info Tech, Inc. unveils new corporate tagline

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – May 23, 2013: Info Tech, Inc. announced today that the company has a new corporate tagline:Innovation At Work.

The tagline was selected from employee submissions during a company-wide contest. More than 35 employees submitted 140+ ideas. The submissions were narrowed by management and a final selection was made by the senior leaders. The company's previous tagline had been in use for more than five years.

"I like the idea of having 'innovation' in our tagline because it is something we are committed to each day," said Dr. James T. McClave, Info Tech's President. "I also like how the 'work' can act as a noun or an adjective, so the tagline has multiple meanings."

When the announcement was made in a company-wide meeting, Senior Vice President Dr. Tom Rothrock provided a chronicle of Info Tech's innovative applications, concepts and services over the past 30 years, indicating that innovation is a theme for the company that will continue in perpetuity.

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