Info Tech, Inc. launches new logo for the Bid Express service

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – August 5, 2013: Info Tech, Inc. announced today that its Internet bidding service, the Bid Express service, has a new logo. This is the first logo change since the service launched in 1997.

The Bid Express service has more than 8,000 users in the US and Canada. More than 80 public agencies put projects out to bid on the service and receive sealed, secure bids via the Internet. The service is available on the and URLs.

"We initiated the logo update project to ensure that the look of the Bid Express service reflects the innovative nature of what the service provides," said Dr. Thomas P. Rothrock, Senior Vice President of Info Tech, Inc.

The new logo has a more modern look and easily scales for use on mobile platforms. The graphical "b" reflects the closed loop nature of the service where agencies receive sealed, secure bids on the service which is a key differentiator in the Internet bidding market. Since inception, the Bid Express service has processed 269,000 bids worth more than $735 billion.

Established in 1977 and based in Gainesville, Fla., Info Tech, Inc. provides software development, Internet bidding and systems integration services for infrastructure construction management, and also provides highly technical consulting and network communications services. Info Tech's software products, services and professionals serve public agencies, consulting engineers, contractors and bidders. Info Tech has a highly skilled workforce of more than 240 professionals, and maintains regional and project offices throughout the U.S. Info Tech can be reached at +1 (352) 381-4400.

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