Bid Express® New Roads

We’re evolving the Bid Express service at® to make it easier for contractors to find the work that matters to them.

About New Roads

Bid Express: New Roads is the collective name of a series of major updates we will be rolling out to Bid Express at over the next several years. The goal of these updates is simple: make it easier for contractors to find work. We’re not changing the core of our service or functionality - think of it more like a lane expansion or repaving project. Though these changes will ultimately be around to stay, users will have ample opportunity to opt in, test new features, and provide feedback to shape our New Roads journey.

Why Are We Taking this Journey?

For years, Bid Express operated on a simple principle: provide a secure, online place for agencies to receive bids from contractors. As our service has evolved over the past 20+ years, our contractor audience has grown tremendously. Bid Express is now a place to find work, analyze opportunities, and build the perfect bid based on the historical data available. Since Bid Express wasn’t originally built with the contractor in mind, we’re reshaping it to meet all of our users’ needs.

The Roadmap

Phase 1: New Roads

Personalization and Opportunity-Finding
Enhancements in this phase are targeted towards improving opportunity-finding and personalizing Bid Express to the contractor’s needs. We’re also introducing several minor updates to support this rollout, as well as a new Knowledge Center for help and training resources. Login Screen

Modernized Layout and Minor Changes
In order to support other enhancements, we’ve created a new login page for Bid Express. Once logged in, you will notice the option to opt in to the new look - you will be able to revert at any time. We’ve evolved the look and feel of Bid Express to embrace a clean, modern, and accessible design.

An animation showing the quick search and filtering features

The Lettings Page
We’ve redesigned the Lettings page and introduced a quick search and advanced filter. These new features enable contractors to search through descriptions, item information, and location to find new opportunities.

An animation showing the easy access tabs of the proposals page

The Proposal Page
The new Proposals page simplifies the process of accessing files, resources, plans, and additional information about lettings by adding easy-access tabs to the top of the page. Everything you are used to grabbing is still available on the right-hand side of the page.

An animation showing searching in the knowledge center.

The Knowledge Center
Need to refresh your memory or learn something new? Our new Knowledge Center offers a vast library of click-through simulations so users can quickly find the information they need. Of course, our Support team is always here to help with any questions you may have.

Start Your Trip
Ready to head down New Roads? Changes will launch at the end of March. At that time you'll be able to opt-in via the MyBidx page. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback - your thoughts will guide the next phase of New Roads!

Phase 2: Shortcuts and Scenic Routes

Everyone has their own favorite route - be it a shortcut or a scenic drive, you know how to get where you need to go. We want to know, too. In this phase, we’ll be building a place to store your preferences to help better identify opportunities of interest.

Gif showing following an agency

Build a Workspace
Workspace is your personalized dashboard for all the information you care about. If you want to follow specific agencies or proposals, you can do so in Workspace. New lettings will populate in the calendar, so you can always be ready for what’s coming down the pipe. Build your Workspace dashboard for an instant look at your current and upcoming bidding activities.

GIF showing favoriting an agency

Pick Your Favorites

Phase 2 of New Roads adds the ability to “favorite” the agencies you work with the most frequently. When these agencies schedule a Letting, it will appear on the calendar in your Workspace! Follow your favorite agencies to avoid missing opportunities and prepare for future work.

MyBidx Preview

Manage Your Account
The next stop in our Bid Express: New Roads journey brings us to an evolved MyBidx page. The new MyBidx page offers a streamlined, modernized layout and a simple, consolidated experience that will allow you to manage all aspects of your account.

Turning on Favorites

Pick Your Favorites 2.0
Earlier in Phase 2, we introduced the ability to select your Favorite Agencies to be alerted about new lettings. Now, you can also select your Favorite Items! Use the star icon to select your Favorite Items on a Proposal page and find them listed in your MyBidx Preferences. You can also refine your search for items using new state and county dropdown lists.

Phase 3: You Take the Driver’s Seat

User-Driven Enhancements
At this point in our New Roads journey, you’ll be pretty familiar with the roads we’ve traveled. In fact, you might want to suggest our next destination yourself. In this phase, we’ll be continually responding to your feedback regarding earlier updates and any new user-directed improvements that arise. Do you have specific pain points that you want us to tackle? Contact us and let us know!

Role Identification
We’re taking personalization a step further! With this planned release, Bid Express customers will be able to identify whether they are a prime, sub, supplier, or other. This release is another crucial step to a more personalized Bid Express experience.

Evolving Workspace with User Notes
We’re revisiting a previous stop on our New Roads journey and adding some improvements to Workspace - users will be able to add notes to their Workspace regarding specific proposals.

Recommended Proposals
All that personalization is starting to pay off! At this stage, Bid Express will begin pushing recommendations to your Workspace that include your Favorite Agencies, Followed Proposals, Favorite Items, and Favorite Locations.

Resources & Training Opportunities

Our new Knowledge Center is a key part of the Bid Express: New Roads rollout. It’s where you’ll go from now on for training resources and learning opportunities. You’ll find a vast array of easy-to-follow, clickthrough tutorials that simulate actions in Bid Express.

Access the Knowledge Center

How’s the Drive?

Your feedback on these changes is essential. Let us know what you think so we can adjust accordingly and get back on-track.