Product and Technology

Jim Ferguson

Associate Vice President for AASHTOWare Products

Jim Ferguson is Infotech’s Associate Vice President for AASHTOWare Products, where his focus is on thought leadership and strategic growth for the AASHTOWare Project suite of applications and related business development efforts. During his tenure as an expert advisor at Infotech, he has helped launch industry leading products used by government entities to leverage the digital age and improve accountability, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

Jim has more than 40 years of experience spanning the private and governmental sectors of the transportation industry. He specializes in strategies that bring people, business processes and smart technologies together to successfully deliver sustainable solutions. Jim has the rare ability to partner with all levels of stakeholders to develop innovative solutions across multiple business areas including design, estimation, bidding, civil rights, construction and materials.

Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the University of Nebraska. When asked how he ended up in the transportation industry, his answer – “Never be afraid to step through doorways, doing so allows for new possibilities and opportunities.”

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