Infotech + Duncan-Parnell

Infotech and Duncan-Parnell have partnered to provide GIS-enabled construction inspection solutions. Duncan-Parnell incorporates Appia with other software, hardware, and technical services to help local organizations become more productive, efficient, and precise.

Access a Complete Digital Inspection Solution

We’ve partnered with the most experienced geospatial companies in the industry to offer bundled software and hardware solutions. Duncan-Parnell, one of our GIS solution providers, offers a complete digital inspection solution for local public agencies and engineering firms. This construction inspection solution provides interoperable workflows between Esri ArcGIS Field Maps, Infotech’s Appia service, and Trimble equipment through the GeoBridge data integration.

Appia, Infotech’s construction administration SaaS platform, provides the ability to create daily work reports to document construction progress directly at the jobsite, streamlining the measurement and calculation tasks for inspectors. By integrating Appia and Esri Field Maps, Esri’s mobile app designed for GIS data capture, inspectors can leverage the power of ArcGIS, simplify essential tasks, and streamline the creation of digital as-builts by geo-enabling construction data. Field workers can combine data-driven maps and mobile forms into one convenient application, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Experience the benefits of an integrated solution

Modernize your inspection process with a cost-effective solution by connecting geo-enabled construction progress data from the field to Esri ArcGIS Field Maps.

Leverage familiar field tools like Esri ArcGIS Field Maps in an affordable solution
Create an interoperable workflow for your organization that offers quick configurations
Support your digital project delivery goals by capturing as-built data through an automated process directly from the field
Eliminate data redundancy and errors that cause your organization time and money

About Duncan-Parnell

Duncan-Parnell is one of the Southeast's leading distributors of technology products and services for the construction, engineering, survey, and design industries. Infotech and Duncan-Parnell have partnered to offer software and hardware bundles that can jump start an organization’s GIS-enabled inspection process. As an authorized Trimble dealer, Duncan-Parnell offers six UAV/UAS solutions. Their BuildingPoint Southeast franchise is known for providing advanced software and robotics technology.

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