Infotech + Cultivate Geospatial Solutions

Bring Infotech® application data to life in an operational environment. Our partnership with Cultivate Geospatial Solutions (CGS) expands the use of Infotech data with spatial capabilities and much more.

Cultivate your project data in the right environment

CGS delivers robust, innovative solutions and consulting to everyone with a demand for concise asset data lifecycle analytics and information systems. As experts in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), database management, and asset management, CGS unites your organizational asset planning, design, construction, and operational functions through geospatial capabilities to meet organizational goals and metrics. CGS enlightens customers about international standards and best practices for lifecycle management of critical infrastructure.

“CGS’s organized approach towards projects and the expertise of their personnel has made them a joy to work with. They have solved problems others haven’t and provide usable alternatives when the proposed solution is beyond the scope of work.”

Steve Wasosky P.E., Design Section Manager, City of Columbus, OH

Benefits of using Infotech + CGS services and solutions

Eliminate gaps in your Digital Project Delivery data lifecycle
Robust and flexible

Robust and flexible enterprise geographic information system capabilities

Integrated systems

Integrated systems that erase the gaps between the planning, design, construction, and operations functions with an organization

Focused software solutions

Design, development, implementation, training and support on focused software solutions


Enterprise Data Lifecycle consulting and solutions

How it works

To take advantage of the CGS + Infotech partnership, all that is required is a connection between Esri’s ArcGIS platform and Infotech and a desire to spatially enable your project lifecycle. This will allow project locations and data to be exposed via intuitive analysis tools, mobile applications, and enterprise business intelligence solutions.

“We are excited about our partnership with Infotech, the leader in state and local government construction management. Infotech’s products cover a key part of the asset data life cycle within Departments of Transportation and local governments and until now has not been fully utilized in an all-encompassing environment. We look forward to assisting these entities with spatially-enabling their Infotech products and building new capabilities around the project lifecycle.”

Thomas Wesp, Chief Growth Officer, Cultivate

About Cultivate Geospatial Solutions

Cultivate Geospatial Solutions is a differentiated and specialized company focused on the nexus of Geographic Information Systems, Data Solutions, Asset Management, and Software Development. From ideation to implementation, CGS has the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver robust enterprise solutions that enable our customers to meet their goals and mandates. CGS has collaborated with private, state, regional and municipal government clients across the US.