Prioritizing Safety First

Treating people right has always been our ethos, never a tagline. So when there is a risk to our Infotech family and our customers, we take every essential step to ensure we are prioritizing safe, healthy environments. Like all organizations, we are adjusting to a number of unique situations introduced by the COVID-19 outbreak. Infotech is currently implementing our business continuity plans that are designed to help us continue to serve all of our customers even during unexpected times like this. True to our culture, we are prioritizing people.

Ensuring Employee Safety

Infotech is operating on the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, and other leading health organizations. We’ve transitioned our employees to full-time remote work until further notice. This is essential to the nationwide attempt to flatten the curve through social distancing efforts.

  • Infotech is no stranger to remote work. We have always supported remote employees and have the infrastructure in place to create a fully-remote workforce without a high degree of challenge.
  • Infotech headquarters is closed until further notice, with access only available to essential employees from operations.

Moving Projects Forward Virtually

To help ensure containment plus employee and customer health, all travel has been halted. Until further notice, we are transitioning on-site meetings, implementations and any trainings with our customers to virtual experiences. We have tools in place to keep projects moving forward through virtual platforms to maintain business as usual while prioritizing safety.

Customer Support Hours & Availability

Our customer support team is fully operational and ready to take your call or email. While it is our goal to maintain the same standard of customer support that our users appreciate, we ask for your patience as our team adjusts to providing our support remotely. Support hours can be found here.

Our Community; Our Response

When crisis necessitates action, we respond with innovation. Where we can, we’re giving back, hoping to encourage others who can to do so in abundance. If you are able to give, we invite you to join us in caring for your neighbors in need as we all face this together.

  • Match our $5000 pledge to help GRACE Marketplace provide homes for neighbors without a home to shelter in place here.
  • Give to a local food bank, such as Bread of the Mighty, serving 3x as many people right now here.
  • Support the local farm and food community through Working Food as they provide full meals to 1,300 families a week, here.

Compassion & Responsibility

We believe that these measures are part of our shared responsibility to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Not everything is going as expected right now, and we are all learning a lot about ourselves, about each other, about the world. But in between the chaos and uncertainty is an opportunity to come together in compassion during an epidemic that affects everyone from every walk of life. Our final recommendations:

  • Be kind - many are anxious and a harsh word helps nobody.
  • Be smart - ask yourself if sticking to your routine is worth potentially risking the health of your life and others’.
  • Be safe - wash your hands, practice social distancing, don’t incite panic.
  • Be human - our reaction to uncertain times like this is important. Reach out to your friends, family and coworkers who may be feeling isolated or in need of support.
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