BIM for Infrastructure

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the key areas driving innovation in the infrastructure construction industry. By facilitating crucial project data between contractors, engineers, owners, and other stakeholders, Infotech plays a major role in the collaborative BIM process. Partnerships, solutions, and expertise form the core of our BIM strategy.

BIM & Infrastructure: The Importance of Information

BIM is not new to the infrastructure industry. For years people could refer to the robust 3D renderings generated from BIM software. But at its core, BIM is about building a better blueprint with all the information and technology available to us today.

Infrastructure professionals often get stuck on “Building,” so much so that many now refer to Civil Information Modeling (CIM) as the preferred nomenclature. There’s also a suitable focus on the final design - complex and insightful 3D models that are often referred to as a digital twin. It’s that middle initial - Information - that is often overlooked and undervalued in the grand scheme of things.

Throughout the transportation asset lifecycle, information is shared and transferred from prime contractors to subcontractors, primes to consultants, consultants to owners, owners to compliance agencies, and so on. This information often lives in siloes, providing a myopic view on project planning and progress. By funneling in data from e-Construction platforms, BIM brings all of this information together to provide a holistic view of the transportation asset.


As infrastructure construction leaders further wed their existing e-Construction resources with their BIM strategy, it’s our goal to act as a bridge - not only of information, but as a key point of connection between DOTs and companies that capture data that feeds into the BIM design. Implementing a comprehensive BIM strategy offers a host of benefits to DOTs, including:

  • Adherence to schedule and cost
  • Prompt payment to contractors
  • Improved data accuracy and reliability
  • Reduced risk impacts
  • Efficient operations and maintenance
  • Comprehensive asset management

BIM & Infotech: Collaborative Data Management

For 38+ years, Infotech has continuously developed and improved e-Construction solutions that address each phase of the contract lifecycle. Our software products and our longstanding position as the official contractor for AASHTOWare Project™ position us to contribute greatly to the adoption of BIM within the infrastructure industry.

e-Construction tools are closely intertwined with the benefits of BIM. From the initial estimate to project closeout, here's how Infotech's solutions fit into the transportation asset lifecycle:

BIM & Innovation: Connecting Key Stakeholders

Our BIM strategy can be summed up in one word: connection. Through our extensive history with state DOTs and organizations like AASHTO, we have the experience and the relationships to help organizations execute their BIM goals. Many are already using the necessary tools in disparate systems. Our goal is to help agencies seamlessly integrate the flow of information into the BIM design.

Partnerships + Integrations

We’re pursuing integrations and partnerships that bolster the informational stronghold that products like Appia®, Bid Express®, and Doc Express® provide. We’re also developing new products that fill the gaps between contractors and owners. Some of the areas we’re pursuing include:


e-Ticketing is a way of electronically transmitting material supply information to ensure data accuracy and job site safety. Integrations between Doc Express and our partner Command Alkon can feed data in the BIM ecosystem.

Payment Verification

We are developing a product that would enable agencies to verify payments for prime contractors to their subs - key information for all project participants.

GIS and Spacial Data

Perhaps one of the most crucial visual data integrations in our BIM strategy, we're working with several leading technology companies to integrate rover, GIS, and other data into our systems during the inspection and verification processes.

Stormwater Compliance

A long term project, we are exploring ways to develop a product that will help agencies meet environmental regulations throughout the construction process.

Software Advisory

We have joined the transportation pooled fund project BIM for Bridges and Structures as a software advisor to provide input in the creation of open standards for sharing bridge information.

Academic Research

Our recent partnership with the University of Florida M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management will be focused on performing and implementing research related to the evolution of BIM technologies and IFC standards.

We’re always seeking new partners to help augment our services and help DOTs realize their BIM goals. Do you have a product or service that contributes vital information to the transportation asset lifecycle? Drop us a line.

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